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  1. OMG diamond you post SCREAMS man 'she is a very pretty.....' hahaha idiot

  2. SOPHIA = MAN DIAMOND = MAN DIAMOND + SOPHIA = SAME MAN Sorry to upset you perv !!!

  3. Hiya there fakers stop pretending to be female and please remove both of your fake profiles its not nice to put pics up that do not belong to you ...how about we do a phone chat to end rumours i will ask the forum admin for you to call them both diamond and sophia to confirm your legit and the mods can post a response .....

  4. To all those people that think Sophia is a guy she is not I've met her and she is a very pretty and polite girl whom I have been friends with now for a while. Anyway hey soph how are ya were coming up your way soon maybe we can catch up for lunch?

  5. Keep Positive..

  6. Hi Sophia I am new to hear and hoping to get BA in the next two months - I have to wait until I have a mole removed before i can have any surgery. Who did your surgery? Kathy

  7. Sophia


    Yeah there are heaps on here apparently. So yes ask to talk before sharing.
  8. Hi Fit and flat :) I had my Breast Aug last November in Bangkok and it went better than I expected.. I love my new additions :)

  9. good on u hun you will b so happy with the results.

  10. Hey darl so i think im going to stick with the 375cc mod + but will still check on the day

  11. Go 375cc diamond if u a a-b cup now they would look fantastic and as Lily said double bubble is as rare as hens teeth and a GOOD PS will not reccommend anything that will cause a double bubble but i doubt you will be able to even get a double bubble with 375cc i think its if u try to go way too big for your body. With your height weight and width in your shoulders i think 375cc is your best option. Remember i had 375cc M profile unders and I am soooo happy with them and i was a B cup before hand and ended up a full c / small d depending on bra. xoxo Sophia

  12. Yes i did but after adding it all up etc i just went the ozzie way in case of complications later on after BA etc.

  13. I am Also looking at the thailand option? Did you look at this as an option?

  14. hey darl i will prob post a couple pics clothes on lol then will see how i go from there

  15. Sophia

    Time off Work?????

    Hi PinkShells I had around 2 weeks off work and I was ok just little tight lifting arms over shoulders but apart from that i was great not sore at all just tight. I also work in an office as a Lawyers assistant and i had 375cc under muscle and i love them and so do my clients i have to remind them that my eyes are up on my face hehe. If u want to know anything hun just message me ok xoxo.