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  1. Keep Positive..

  2. Sophia


    Yeah there are heaps on here apparently. So yes ask to talk before sharing.
  3. good on u hun you will b so happy with the results.

  4. Go 375cc diamond if u a a-b cup now they would look fantastic and as Lily said double bubble is as rare as hens teeth and a GOOD PS will not reccommend anything that will cause a double bubble but i doubt you will be able to even get a double bubble with 375cc i think its if u try to go way too big for your body. With your height weight and width in your shoulders i think 375cc is your best option. Remember i had 375cc M profile unders and I am soooo happy with them and i was a B cup before hand and ended up a full c / small d depending on bra. xoxo Sophia

  5. Yes i did but after adding it all up etc i just went the ozzie way in case of complications later on after BA etc.

  6. Sophia

    Time off Work?????

    Hi PinkShells I had around 2 weeks off work and I was ok just little tight lifting arms over shoulders but apart from that i was great not sore at all just tight. I also work in an office as a Lawyers assistant and i had 375cc under muscle and i love them and so do my clients i have to remind them that my eyes are up on my face hehe. If u want to know anything hun just message me ok xoxo.
  7. Hi spots how r u?? I see u booked ya BA congrats to you, Ican tell u I am soooo happy i got mine done 6 mths ago and i still cant stop playing with them hehe.. So what size are u going??

  8. Thats awesome diamond so are u going to show me once u have them done hehe?

  9. Thats awesome diamond so are u going to show me once u have them done hehe?

  10. Sophia

    Plastic surgeons????

    Hi Boobies is there any reason why you cancelled getting your BA in Thiland by DR P ? Or just the fact your husband said no??
  11. Hi diamond how are you?? I love that name hehe better than putting my own name on there hehe.. Just saw u r like me a newbee as am I. I have had my boobs done I had them done last year and I am so happy I finally got rid of my speed bumps hehe and Hun that all they were was nipples. I got mine done in Perth and I love them so I guess I just decided to join the boob club and here what others have to say and I saw you live near me so thought I say hello first ohh and plus u r hot hehe.. Feel free to email me if u want to talk or need info sophiaaust85@hotmail.com xxxooo