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  1. Just sent a FR as I am going with dr H and would love to check out ur results

  2. Thanks for accepting my FR :)

  3. Hi babe fr accepted ;D

  4. Hi Now or never! :) I've been doing some research on here trying to look at girls' sizes and shapes etc to give me an idea of what mine may look like. Do you mind if I FR you? :). Thanks A

  5. Thanks Jen! I'm usually an 8DD. However the red bra is 8E (its padded) Dr Harwood gave me the green light to wear underwire as I'm nearly at the 6 month mark. Loving the variety of underwire bras!

  6. Hi, I've just joined the FB page and sent you a FR too. Thanks to you and Lauren for starting up the FB group- the Boobie communitee appreciates your input. xxx

  7. Hi Suppermummy, I've got the Brazilian implant and I'm at 2.5 months post op and would love to see what 8 month post ops looks like. Please accept my FR....x

  8. You're very welcome, your boobs look amazing! It's been so great to read about all the positive experiences the girls here have had with Dr H - makes me even more excited for my BA with him :) I'm hoping to end up with a full C/D cup, but I'm starting with very minimal boobage so I'm just going to go as big as Dr H thinks I can go without looking ridiculous haha. I'm thinking I want furry brazilian teardrops at the moment since I've seen so many great results with those! I have my consult in two weeks so I'll be able to have a lot more of an idea about it then, can't wait! xx

  9. Thanks for your FR and compliment on my picture. Im so happy with my result. U are in great hands with Dr H. all the here girls in this forum love him and his staff- and the fact that they make the experience a positive one-I would relive the day of my op, all over again. So what are u getting done, size, shape, style etc? Boobs are my favourite subject lol. x

  10. Hey there, I saw that you had a BA with Dr H who I'm also booked in with. We have fairly similar stats so I've sent you a FR - hope that's ok! xx

  11. I experience Boob craps too, most of the time its my left side Dr H also said that its normal. Its mostly uncomfortable when I laugh and usually occurs in the morning cause I've slept on the same side for too long. Another Dr H girl suggested to use bio oil only on the incision scar and to moistures boobs with normal lotion. ...Now that I have perfect cleavage, I can't have it ruined by pimples and pimple scars.
  12. Hi Jamily, I have similar stats as u, and invite u to check out my pictures to see what my 315s look like. Its not a secret at work that Ive had a BA, and people have commented that they expected my boobs to be bigger, and that they are underwhelmed by my results. I was aiming fior the balance/proportioned look, and succeed with 315s. No one can tell when I'm in a comfortable fit top. Then in a low cut tight top- they still look very natural. My family does't know about my BA and I find that wearing black, a crop tops or reasonably lose tops,helps cover up my new figure. After my BA the swelling isn't noticeable unless I was naked. If ur working up your look, start wearing rice sizes aswell. Hope this helps....x
  13. So exciting!!!!! I friggin love your open honesty!!Got to ask what are u getting? What's ur stats?

  14. Hi, I just wanted to drop in a say "Hi and good luck!" next week. Just like on the other ladies, I just loved you comment in the forum "The Fake Boob stigma" Sent u a FR, just cause I like ur thinking lol!

  15. Thanks for the reply. It's nice to hear that you're going so well and starting to see some softening and movement. Just gotta be patient I guess :) Yeah, the site was down over the weekend. I feel sorry for the poor girls who had BA questions and nowhere to turn :( xx

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