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  1. Thanks girls, I might call my surgeon in the morning. He gave me the all clear to wear underwires at 6.5 weeks but I didn't think to ask about no bra. To be honest though I like my surgical bra. It's like my security blanket :-)
  2. I'm 8 weeks post op and I'm just wondering when it will be ok to wear no bra? I'm still wearing my surgical bra and only underwire ones when I go out. Just wondering when it's safe to wear no bra? Either to bed or just around the house. I hate bras especially when I'm just lounging around at home
  3. I have a big European pillow that I lay on, on my side. I find it helps my boobs from dropping. I am a tummy sleeper and after 8 weeks it's killing me.
  4. I was just looking at my photo time line last night and I don't think my boobs showed there size until recently, prob around week 5 now they look big :-) I got 360 unders as well. Hang in there they still need to drop and settle
  5. Thanks Jen, will call my PS first thing tomorrow morning. It's not painful and they still look fine it's just this weird flat spot about the size of a 50 cent piece
  6. Hi ladies, I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow and everything has been going great. Both boobs have dropped etc. however yesterday I notice when getting the the shower that I have a flat spot ob the inner side towards my cleavage. I had my implants under the muscle but I can clearly feel the implant now and what feels like a crease almost. Does anyone have any idea what it could be. I am having a massive freak out :-(
  7. Hi girls. I have been MiA, my recovery has been great and I am loving my new boobs. My daughters have been amazing throughout my recovery, I am so proud of them. Especially my 2.5 year old. My left boob has dropped and is getting soft. My right one is taking a little longer but that's to be expected. The only thing I am finding is I have tiny bloats all over my chest. I'm not sure if it's a side effect to the tape I had? I am also peeling like crazy where the adhesive was. Hope everyone else is recovering nicely. I'm now off to read through the pages that I have missed :-)
  8. Hi guys. I have tiny little blisters coming up on the top of my chest. They are itchy but I'm trying to scratch. I have been peeling like crazy where the tape was. Could it be a side effect of the tape?
  9. Hi, Just wondering when everyone drive for the first time after their BA. I'm 6 days post op and on Tuesday I have a PS appt and also I will have to pick up my 4 year old from kindy. Do you think it will be ok to drive by then? My Ps said whenever I can hold the wheel with both hands without pain and turn the wheel with ease.
  10. Good luck feefee, can't wait to hear how it all goes. How is everyone else feeling. I'm on day 5 now and doing well. I have been on Panadol during the days and just panadiene forte at night. I'm all out of those now so hopefully I will be ok tonight. I'm still taking my antibiotics and can't wait until I have finished. My tummy is extremely bloated from all the meds. I keep getting this strange burning sensation on my skin but only on my right side. That is the most swollen side and the most painful. My PS said that will probably be the case because it's my dominant side. I'm really happy with how they look, my ride looks like it is staring to drop already. :-) I have put some photos up can someone let me know if they worked? Hope everyone is going well
  11. I have 360s. I'm happy with them so far. I can't wait until the swelling goes down. Oakley try and rest as much as you can. I found the more I moved around and moved my arms the more it hurt.
  12. Hi girls, I'm 3 days post op and starting to feel less and less pain. I am finding my right side is more swollen and tight. Hoping the muscle lets go soon. I can't wait to get the tape off of my incision site, it's starting to get itchy. How is everyone going with showering and washing hair? I haven't washed my hair since Sunday and have only been able to shower once :-( cant wait to start being able to do things by myself :-)
  13. I got 360cc silicone textured mod behind the muscle. I didn't even fill an a cup before. They are so swollen today, do you know how Long the swelling will last.
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