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  1. @Myturn sorry it's been awhile since I've logged back on , Iv been super busy! How exciting when are you having your surgery and who is doing it
  2. Thanks for your reply did you have your surgery ? Who did your friend see
  3. Has anyone had there surgery done with these ? Breast lift +augementation or just augementation if so how did you find them ?
  4. @Chan7710did you end up finding a surgeon in tas ?
  5. So I've just been so entertained by this topic tonight while my baby has been asleep on me ( after not sleeping all day ) there was no way I was going to move ! So I stumbled across this and it's done the job haha so please @donatella and anyone else that's around still can we start this up again haha ! I love it
  6. They look awsum @DeepBlueSea70you must be so happy ! Scars look great
  7. Thanks @DeepBlueSea70I'll take a look at your photos ! How far Po are you now ?
  8. @rachael1981that's handy to know . I'm not really sure how I scar normally as it always differs ha ha I am pretty olive skin tho so sometimes scars can look a bit more prominent .
  9. Thanks so much , that would be great !
  10. Oh how exciting for you ! Not very far away at all that would be great if you upload your progress .
  11. @ayesha79 I can imagine sleeping would be uncomfortable for awhile . Glad your happy with them tho and they've boosted your confidence ! I'm deflated 12D now I've always been 12DD-E and while breastfeeding was a G and beyond but refused to buy bigger bras ha ha .. Yes I wish I was the one who invented breast implants hahaha @BunnyHop that's good you've found a surgeon ! I'm from tassie and can't really find time to travel for surgery so I'm pretty limited with surgeons but have had great feed back with a couple from a lot of friends . So I will book some consults in the next couple of months .. I'm not really sure on what I'll get as I don't really want to be that large anymore coz it just makes me feel top heavy and chubby now . LOVE the look on other ppl but just not myself .. So I just want them to be perky full and nice with no bra Not sure whether to go tear drop or rounds or overs or unders so would be good to see some surgeons to figure that side out - I'm really into fitness and weight training so I'm not sure what would be best . Mid year would be awsum for the fact you can cover them up , good thinking ! I'm on maternity leave atm so finances aren't that great for me so I'm back at work soon and I work as ground crew for an airline so it's pretty hectic . So I'll be looking at getting mine done towards the end of the year fingers crossed ! Looking forward to following your journey .
  12. Haha thank you ! That's so kind . I Ddnt like them when I had them . But now they're gone I miss them . As I've had bigger breast my whole life I'm enjoying having them a lot smaller now . But I really need them lifted and fuller again then I'll be happy ! I hope your happy with your BA how did it all go ? Oh wow twins ! I take my hat off to you . I totally agree with you . I think anything will be an improvement to what I have as I keep them Completley hidden away now , they're a no go zone for me -which is sad . All my friends have had straight forward BA so I haven't seen a great deal of lifts and scarring to put my mind at ease . Have you booked a surgery date yet ?
  13. Hey girls ! I'm just wondering if anyone who has had BA and BL would be kind enough to show me there scarring and progress pics ! ?What you had done , placement, size type of implants etc. i haven't had a consult yet as I'm still waiting for boobs to return to "normal" after breast feeding .. I've always had quite large boobs . But after breastfeeding ( they got huge and fat ) they have now shrunk and are now empty socks with nipples and muscles ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the smallest ive ever been and I most definetly need a lift with my BA and I'm so frightened of the scarring I don't know why !! Just for a laugh this is the dromatic size drop so far with my boobs . ( my daughter is now 6 1/2 months and I stopped feeding at 4 1/2 months )
  14. Omg ๐Ÿ˜You must be so happy ! Imagine what they'l look like in the months to come . I'm still pre BA seeing everyone's before and afters while I'm still waiting ever so patiently for my breastfeeding milk jugs to settle completely before I can start my journey. it's making me sooo jealous
  15. It really wasn't that painful which is odd ๐Ÿ˜‚And I'm shocking with pain normally . Youl be very happy once every thing is done and you get to the end of the journey I'm sure ๐Ÿ˜Š
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