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  1. Hi ladies, I'm 13 day PO and everything is going ok. I had my first follow up appt on Monday and Dr R was impressed with the healing etc... However the next day i noticed I had dark pigment underneath my right boob. I'm starting to freak out as I think it might be double bubble?? Is it too early to get double bubble?? Ive inserted a couple of pics. Let me know what your thoughts are. Should I call dr r and show him the pics?? hubby thinks it's to do with bruising.... I don't know..
  2. Good luck @Emi will be thinking of you xx
  3. @Emi wait until Tuesday night you won't be able to sleep!!!!
  4. Hi @Kassie I'm 3 day PO. I had mine done on Friday. from beginning to end, my experience with Rastogi has been wonderful. From his staff and his medical team at the hospital I didn't feel an ounce of worry. My consult with him was very thorough, I had my partner with me and we asked him all the common questions you would normally ask. Rastogi took the time to answer all questions articulately and even show examples. i didn't see another doctor as both my husband were very comfortable with him and his procedures. on the day of th surgery, it was very quick and simple. We went through everything we discussed in our consult, I was transferred to theatre and next thing I knew I woke up with boobs 😊 First day Po, I woke fine. I was able to shower, was able to wash my hair (didn't need to as I washed it the day before). I was able to almost everything but in a slow manner of course. I'm a very active person so sitting on the couch and watching tv was not what I intended on doing on the long weekend. I didn't have to take my pain med as there was almost no pain. The only pain I felt was when I want to stand up the pressure in my sternum would cause discomfort. So the past 3 days, my husband and I went shopping and walked around for a few hours. Although this may be frowned upon by others because what you should be doing is "rest". To be honest I felt no different than any other day, the only difference is that I have boobs. i don't know if that answers your question(s) but feel free to ask me more.
  5. I have a little bruise underneath my sternum. Nothing too painful. Sleeping upright is becoming a challenge every night.i always end up slipping down my 20 pillows and sleeping funny causing me to wake with a terrible headache. im a tummy sleeper... I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again!!
  6. Did u guys get some sort of bruising on your sternum ?
  7. So I'm 1 day PO. I went in at 7 and didn't get into theatre until 8:40am. Dr rastogi and his team were wonderful and so nice. I woke around 11 and was given ice chips as I was thirsty. I was given something to help with the pain. I was moved to discharge and was asked if I wanted something to eat. I got water and a ham and cheese sandwich. The medication given to me made me feel nauseous and made vomit. I went home took panadol and Valium and went straight to bed and woke up 5:30am (stupid body clock). I went downstairs (let hubby sleep in) and watched stan. No pain just a little sore around the incision. I'm able to move my arms and walk around which is great! hubby and I went to the shops today as I needed more buttoned up shirts (maybe shouldn't have, but I was feeling great). End result: I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!! tips to get you prepared before surgery: shave your legs wax/thread your eyebrows wash your hair the day before buttoned up shirts crackers (jaxs) lots of pillows!!! For all the girls that are going through their BA this month. Good luck.
  8. Nerves are definitely settling in. I've been thinking about it all day. I can't believe that this is happening. It's actually happening! eek when are you having yours done @Gold.KC?
  9. It's the night before my surgery and I'm freaking out!! i feel so unprepared than all you ladies. my husband will be around and can cook and clean so I won't have to do all of that. i don't no how I am going to sleep tonight. Admission on is at 7am first off the rank!
  10. @Emi hey Emi, yeah I am. What about you?
  11. @Emi i think that now I'm booked in and excited about the op i still like to research and ensure I've made the right decision. I just read a thread on Brazilian implants (negative thread) I'm worried that something might happen to me. Is everyone on the same boat as me? Or am i the only one...? @Emi
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post. I must admit I've been reading this forum leading up to my decision of getting a BA. im 27, 50 Kgs, 155cm with 4yo girl. I'm booked in with dr rastogi on the 27 April. im sitting in between big A small(very) B. Dr rastogi recommended 265cc which will give a full C. Got to say, I'm really nervousl and also excited!!!
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