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  1. I used Tim Hewitt - pm me if u want to see the pics and i will add u as a friend
  2. Well I'm back home after 4 days TT done and its looking fab albeit a bit swollen atm! Relatively pain free and upright! Getting out of bed is still a challenge but all good so far. I will add pics when I figure it out! Good luck to all having it done - I can honestly say its the best decision i ever made!
  3. Cant believe how quickly the time is passing - only 3 days tog o and now it doesnt seem real!
  4. i'm using Dr Tim Hewitt at St John of God Subiacco - TT in 2wks so will let u know how it goes!
  5. Hi all Just thought I'd share with you that i am having a TT in just over 2 wks and feeling very apprehensive. I have had 3 large babies and as a result have a large apron of skin. Will keep you updated but would appreciate some feedback from others in similar situations.
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