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  1. Hi Mrs B, thanks for your reply. I understood from all the research that I did that they USED to think it could only happen in the lab, but they proved otherwise a few years ago. But notwithstanding this, they still now think the risk of cancer is minimal. In any event, I guess it's the same result! Thanks for your reply.
  2. Thanks Iloveraggies. Do you have any before and after pics that you are happy to share? If not, don't worry!
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and need some advice. I am scheduled to have a BA with Dr David Topchian in September. I know that Dr Topchian now uses Brazilian (polyurethane) implants almost exclusively, due to the benefits re CC etc. I have done LOADS of research and it is doing my head in. There is obviously a lot of stuff out there about potential (even if slight) cancer risk from the polyurethane breaking down over time. And equally, there are a lot of surgeons who believe the risk is non-existent. I think I've read just about everything there is to read on the subject and I'm still unsure whether to go ahead or not. Would be great if any of you other Brazilian-implant ladies could share your thoughts and experience... what did your surgeons say about them? are you happy with them? how big did you go etc. Thanks so much everyone
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