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  1. Lipo in my understanding is best for removing excess fat if your major concern is too much body fat and you do not have excess loose/ flabby skin.Tummy tuck is more used for removing loose skin and repairing abdominal muscle.If your main problem is fat such as love handles and you don't have loose skin or damaged tummy muscles than lipo might do to give you a more sculptured look...If you have lots of loose skin,lipo won't fix that.
  2. Hi All went well with my procedure Murphy.Thank you for enquiringly.I came out of theatre 8pm Wednesday night so I will be 2 days post op tonight .I have just come back home from hospital and everything looks good.The operation went good except at recovery I was shivering quite a bit and it took a while to settle down.Other than that my recovery has been virtually pain free as I had two pain tubes slowly releasing pain killers into the surgery site during my hospital stay and I'm now just on oral painkillers. My drains were also removed today as I had very little drainage .I did how
  3. Hi Murphy I bought stage one Marena and Rainey compression garments with zippers that open all the way down on either side to make it easier to put them in and with an opening to easily go to the toilet. I also bought a 12 inch 2 split panel marena binder . For scaring I got silicon sheets,silicon tension tape .I will look into the medihoney you mentioned. I have just 9 days before my surgery so it's all getting very real.The surgeon fees are all paid for so no turning back. All the best everyone with an upcoming surgery.
  4. Hi Zen.I ended up seeing a few doctors further away from home and not Dr Mcgovern.I think my consults each cost around $180 and I got I think about $70 back from Medicare but you need to have a referral from a gp to get a portion back.
  5. Hi @MURPHY.All the best with your upcoming surgery.You are very welcome to post here.It's good to be able to chat with others gong through the same thing.I have 2 compression garments at the momnt .I got a marena garment as a first stage garment and a Rainer garment .I also got an extra binder so I can always have a clean one on hand for the first weeks.I think my surgeon will provide a binder as well.I may have overdone it but I'm thinking it will be better to have them on hand instead of trying to get more post surgery.
  6. I'm so glad you had a successful surgery @Lulu78 it sounds like it's made a wonderful change to your life.Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the procedure .I can't wait to be were you are.
  7. Thanks @twinmum+1 for the list of essentials after surgery.It's good to know you didn't have much swelling.I must be over worrying about it .I feel a bit more confident now.I guess I just have to trust in my body's ability to recover and to stop looking at too many online after tummy tuck reviews as a lot of them have problems.
  8. That was so fortunate for you @Happy Again.My fear is that I will have lots of swelling for a long time and I'm trying to get prepared for the worst.Hopefully things go well for me and I have very minimal swelling.I have 4 weeks and 2 days before my procedure and I'm trying to get everything that I will need for recovery. What has been your must have items for recovery that you couldn't have done without?
  9. @twinmum+1 your tummy looks so amazing. @Ranapeluda all the best with your upcoming procedure.i wish I could also get my breasts done because they are so small (size 8b) and after breastfeeding 5 kids they seem to have shrivelled but I already feel so selfish fixing my tummy and the costs involved that I think I will wait till later. i'm also a bit worried about the swelling.I can see my family looking at the swollen me and thinking I look bigger than before the procedure.i'm now accepting that it will be a long healing process and to be patient to see final results.it does give me h
  10. Thank you for the photos @Happy Again.Your surgeon did an awesome job.Your tummy looks so flat and sexy and the scar is healing so beautifully.I hope I get such lovely results.You must be so glad you have done it.I can't wait to be over with my surgery and to start seeing my newer tummy.Thank you again for sharing.
  11. Thank you @Happy Again and @twinmum+1.It is so valuable to be able to get information and encouraging words from people who have already been through the procedure and have come out successfully on the other side.Your advice is so much appreciated especially the pointers on what to do to make the recovery go more smoothly.This procedure is frightening in so many ways especially as I have never had any surgery before and don't know what to expect .This community is so helpful because I can't talk to anyone about the procedure as they will not understand and most of my family think that one sho
  12. There will be a lot is swelling which will balance off the reduction in tummy size from the tummy tuck so I will go with the size recommended on their website and not a size smaller.You don't want the stage 1 garment that you wear initially to be too constrictive as it could affect your circulation and cause problems.I just bought mine online as well and went with the recommended size for my measurements. The stage 2 garment is made to be more constrictive .
  13. All the best with your tummy tuck @Andrea Shields.Yes,the muscle repair scares me as well as I have heard it's quite painful.I have stopped reading too many stories online as it was also freaking me out reading about all the complications. Nor long for you now.I have 7 weeks before mine.
  14. Hi @Amieb.I am having my tummy tuck and hernia surgery in Australia. All the best with your upcoming surgery.
  15. I finally booked my full abdominoplasty with full muscle repair and hernia repair for August.Excited and nervous at the same time.It is all so real now.I'm glad to be finally over with the research part of it which took me over a year.Hopefully I have made the right choices .Now it's just a waiting game and getting everything prepared for the surgery.I would love to chat with others also going through this process .
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