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  1. Hey ladies. Wondering if anyone can share some stories or reassurance. I had my surgery in Thailand 13 months ago and have double bubble and breasts have bottomed out laterally. While I'm lucky my double bubble isn't too bad. I've bottomed out laterally so when I lay down they essentially fall into my armpits. Feels like my boobs have sagged a bit and my cleavage is not that great when not in a bra. The hospital in Phuket is covering most of the surgery to fix it- but they said it'll be determined what's actually being done when I'm over there: just wondering if
  2. Hi ladies, has anyone had to go back and get a revision under PPSI's warranty? I have major lateral displacement and my boobs are only 12 months old interested to hear your stories or advice
  3. Everyone is looking so good! So I got gastro not food poisoning, took whatever drugs I could to get myself back home to NZ. Basically violently ill when we stopped in Canberra, crying my fucking eyes out to my BFF. Got home after 24 hours of finally getting here, went to after hours. Yup gastro and got to let it run its course. But since I got home my boobs have been really tight and sore. I dunno if that's like from being sick and on a plane/sleeping in weird position and probably pushing myself too hard carrying my own luggage (pushing it)? But then I started freaking out what if
  4. @Nichola no catheter I was up peeing few hours and through the night. Dr v is known for tear drops! I went dual and can feel my pec contact over my implant sometimes. Been struck with food poisoning in Thailand. Despite barely eating and eating western food. Ate twice in the last 4 days. Can confirm I power chucked 8 times when I woke up then the other end started..dunno how much was in me but I just sent BFF to pharmacy and cannot wait to head back to NZ. My stomach has not handled Thailand well. Got taught boobie massage though when had my check up.
  5. @Yollie lucky last! Good luck, you'll be great. I had lots of fruit post op to get things moving. @Nichola get them to give you anti nausea drugs if you can I couldn't eat in hospital without it. Keep forgetting I've had surgery and go to do stuff and my Pec muscle like contacts against the implant. Very weird feeling
  6. Good luck @Nichola you'll be fine here's mine 7 days post op, happy as can be
  7. I started with a 8c/10B and went dual plane 350cc but pregnancy stretched them a bit when I had my son I think that's why mine haven't been as tight as some of the other girls. 350cc has also seemed pretty big on me? But I'm so happy with them. I had surgery last Thursday arvo so 5 days post op You'll be fine, take the anti anxiety pills. And everyone at PPSI is so nice! I have my follow up apt tomorrow morning.
  8. Good luck @BamBam and @Nichola you must be travelling soon? And everyone else who's next. Got my check up tomorrow with my doctor. Been feeling pretty good, humidity has made me nauseous but only using pain relief at night here's a photo of the girls. Feel like I'll easily be a 10DD, mine are softening and dropping nicely. Happy I went 350cc any bigger I think would look ridiculous on me
  9. Thanks I'm pretty happy with them so far. One side feels bigger than the other but it's prob just my muscle is tighter on one side. I feel like I've gotten off pretty easily with recovery, doesn't even feel like I had surgery a few days ago. Keep trying to roll on my side in the night but can't ?
  10. 1 day post op. Can't wait until these puppies d n f and get bigger and softer.
  11. @Soph132 they'll get heaps bigger once your muscles relax. Just keep taking photos for progress
  12. I had to go high profile because I'm not wide enough. But I have some side boob action going on. They look so good. I also can't wait until they d an f. Feels like they're going to fall out haha. I'm so happy to finally have boobies!! I have an allergy to a anti nausea drug so I think that's why they didn't give me one with my anaesthetic. But it's subsided lots. Honestly I am barely in pain, it's been way easier than I ever imagined.
  13. Some better English than others, but all really caring, cannot fault them at all and the facilities are amazing. I got discharged around 11 and have been napping lots, ate lots of fruit and feel bloated. Morphine blocks you up if you know what I mean so trying to get things moving.
  14. So I'm 165cm tall, 62-63kg but a lot of that's muscle from doing bikini comps my body's in the athletic side. Size 6-8 in clothing mostly 8 in bottoms because I got a big butt. Ended up with 350cc so happy about that. I just wanted to balance out my body a bit. 24.5 inch waist and 36 inch butt. Always felt bottom heavy. I know once my muscles relax and they drop and fluff they'll look amazing. I'm actually feeling really good. Bit nauseous when I get up and walk around but think it's the drugs. Staff here are so good, I'm so happy I've had it done @Rich how's my boobie twin f
  15. Yeah have to realise lo quite petite, only 8 bandwidth and my nipple to crease distance isn't that big hence can't go bigger than 325-350. I was like PUT THE MOST THAT YOU CAN IN going on 16/17 hours without food and ready to kill someone. Still 2 hours until surgery. @Nichola it's such a nice hospital and the staff are great. I'm just relaxing in my room trying to not think about food. Im so chill about this I don't even know why. My coordinator from somnio was like?? You are the easiest patient. Took some before photos too for reference
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