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  1. Any information on Sydney plastic surgeons would be helpful! Thanks :-)
  2. Hi girls, I've been looking at Adelaide surgeons for my BA but my family has recently moved to Sydney and I have now started looking at Sydney surgeons as well (I live in Adelaide but can stay with them if I decide to get a BA in Sydney). What are some good surgeons in Sydney? Also price differences (although not what I'm basing my choice on) do you prefer the Sydney surgeons or Adelaide surgeons etc? TIA
  3. @rattlie The more I'm reading up on BA's the more I'm leaning towards going with a PS rather than a CS. I'll still meet with both and see who I'm more comfortable with though :-)
  4. Thank you both, I might meet with dr higgs and maybe book a consultation with dr Kollias as well and see how I go. Hope your recovery goes well @han2889 And your boobs are exactly how you want them :-)
  5. Hi girls, I'm wanting to get a BA done but still slightly unsure of who to go to here in Adelaide. I've been wanting this done for over 2 years now and have been researching like crazy. I've been considering going with dr Higgs as I've heard great things about him. A friend of mine went with him so I've seen his work and know it's good, but still I'm super nervous. Any advise/personal experiences would really help me. Thank you :-)
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