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    Lia26 reacted to Lou in Adelaide surgeons vs Sydney surgeons   
    Personally for me I'd rather convenience, I looked into Sydney and found it would be more convenient for me to have my BA done in Adelaide. But, considering you don't have to pay for accommodation that would save lots! To have mine done here in Adelaide it will cost be $9,5000 with Dr Kollias, which includes and overnight stay in St Andrews Hospital. I think Sydney surgeons (depends who you want to see) will cost more on the $10,000-$12,000 price range. 
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    Everyone is different, so whatever makes u feel most comfortable I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable with anyone so I just went to the most qualified    PS I could find with no bad reviews x
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    I went with Dr. Higgs.
    i had a great experience and super happy with my results.
    But it's up to you whether you go ps or Cs. I was happy going CS because nearly everyone I know with BA had them done through him!
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    Good idea lia, always good to see a couple of surgeons if you're a bit unsure! Hehe thank you so much, i'm super happy with them! ?
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    Hi Lia,
    I haven't had my BA yet but hoping to this year and will be having it done by Dr Kolias. You won't find much about him on the web as he specialises in breast oncology and endocrine surgery so he doesn't actively promote his work as a breast plastic surgeon. However if you search his name or search Adelaide on this forum you will see there has been a few girls on here who have been to him and been very happy with their results. Also as he doesn't actively promote his BA work, his prices are very competitive when comparing with other breast PS'. I also saw Dr Tony Moore from APSA who was also good however I felt more comfortable with Kollias. Im not familiar with Dr Higgs however I think he may be a Cosmetic Surgeon? If so, you might want to research Plastic versus Cosmetic Surgeons, completely up to you of course. Good luck
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    I'm currently in hospital and just had mine done with dr kollias  all going well so far! All the best! 
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