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  1. Good idea. Thankyou. If u don't mind letting me know how u go that would b great ?
  2. Oh Thankyou for your reply.. Im having TT & BA so think I will be in hospital for 5 nights. It's great to hear from people that have used this doctor as I can't find a lot on these forums about hi,pm ?
  3. Hoping to get some advice looking at surgery in August with cosmeditours. I will be going alone so a little scared lol.. Anyone else travelling early August? Anyone have experience with Dr Pornthep & cosmeditours? Thanks in advance ?
  4. I'm looking to use dr pornthep too in early August. Have u found many good reviews for him. I'm going on my own with cosmeditours anyone have any advice for me
  5. I am also going through cosmeditours dr pornthep. Tt & BA. Have u read many reviews on this doctor? Or seen his work ?
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