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  1. Love reading your updates JenJen cos you went to Dr H only 6 days before me. You are like me, can't wait wait for softening to happen. I am 2 weeks today and have noticed that I am a lot less sore today. Can't believe how tired I have felt this last week and that constant dull soreness and ache I won't miss. I am sure I am becoming paranoid about lifting things or doing movements that may wreck them, but hopefully you would have to do something pretty major to stuff up Dr H's good work. Have you been doing much in the way of exercise? (I am a bit of a gym junkie!)
  2. I'm not even 2 weeks postop and I don't think I could go through another BA again so soon unless I was really, really unhappy with results. Plus of course the expense. I wonder if you get some sort of discount if you upsize so quickly after your first BA?
  3. Were any of you girls told to avoid lifting your arms up high for a specific number of weeks?
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who constantly worries about ruining my new assets. I think I am going to take some more time off work because I have to do a fair bit of lifting in my job, and my Dr said you can't lift heavier things til 6 weeks post op. I would rather use up my holidays on recovering than wreck my new boobs. Even around the house from just doing every day things you get sore. Still getting hubby to peg out clothes.
  5. Hi Titteez, we got done same day at Dr H. I felt I spent weeks worrying about what size I could go (315 or 360) and then when I actually went for surgery, even 315s ended up being a firm fit. So I couldn't have actually gone any bigger. Did Dr H give you the option of going any bigger?
  6. Am wanting to take pics of my new additions, but they have so many marks and indentations on them from my postop zip up crop from Dr H. I moved up to bigger size postop crop from him but it is still leaving marks, so I now am wearing a singlet top underneath the bra. But still have marks on my boobs. Did everyone get this, I hate all these marks over my boobs. Bruising is really starting to come out now too. I still feel really good though and not too much discomfort at all. Any suggestions, I find these bras comfy, just dislike all the marks they leave....
  7. Yes, I count myself as lucky postop. The worst part of my day would have to be when I wake up and try to get up in the morning. I always feel like a beetle lying on its back, flailing to get upright. First thing in the morning my boobs feel the size of Dolly Parton/Pamela Anderson:o, and I feel really top heavy trying to get off the lounge. (I have found our big comfy lounge better than the bed, as I can prop myself up better, and I would much prefer to be sleeping on my own at this point. As hubby sometimes moves around at night, and I would hate to get accidentally hit in the boob by him at night when he rolls around!!) So of a morning I must look quite a sight wriggling around and grabbing at my thighs to help lift me up. But once I'm up for the day everything seems to go well.
  8. Wow that's great JenJen, 3 weeks, that's not long at all. It's great to share such positive, good news stories with each other. Really looking forward to being able to drive again, when did you start doing that. I have an automatic, which should make it easier.
  9. Hey fellow September Gals, I can't believe what a wonderful recovery I have had so far. I was expecting to feel worse today but actually felt heaps better. Went for a short relaxed walk around the block this afternoon to get out of the house for a while. Tonight I think I'll go off the heavier pain relief and just take panadol because I don't have a lot of pain. I will cut down to just one valium a day which I will take before bed tonight. Haven't needed to take any sleeping tablets at all, even on first night. Swelling hasn't been too bad either. Fingers crossed my third day of recovery continues so well. Plus I still seem to have full nipple sensation (which I was worried about losing I must say!) and no numbness around top of my boobs, haven't really felt around underneath my boobs yet. Can't wait till I can start trying on outfits I never previously had adequate boobage to fill out or keep up, shopping is going to be fun!
  10. All the best to the last 2 lovely September ladies barely_there and pattytrixia. It will all over be over before you know it and you soon will have great new boobies!!
  11. I didn't have to wear a gstring from doctor. I wore some lovely new underwear, and I had my hair all done day before so I could feel as glamorous as possible postop. Those little smurf booties are kinda cute I thought! Think positive babe, you are gonna look hot and sexy for summer!
  12. I was hungry and thirsty too, but that was probably about the only bad thing about my whole day. But then again I am one of those people who graze all day - I eat healthy, but pretty regularly. And isn't it amazing as soon as you know you can't have water anymore you become sooooo thirsty haha I really hope your whole experience goes as well as mine did, I have had no sickness, just a bit of discomfort, but nothing too much. And everytime I unzip in front of the mirror I just go YESSS, this was so worth the money!!! Didn't even taking a sleeping tablet last night, just pain relief and a valium. And I woke up feeling great. Believe me having a BA is so worth it! You are going to be so happy with your results:D
  13. Hey Titteez forgot to say in earlier post a big congrats on becoming an aunty to a beautiful little baby girl! You have had a big day today, definitely a day to remember..... take care and hope your recovery is quick xxx
  14. Ace80 I was actually visualizing myself on a beach on a desert island while I was slowly drifting off today on the op table! Felt totally at peace with my decision to have a BA and Dr H is so positive he can't help but fill you with confidence. I totally left the decision up to him on whether I went 315 or 360. He really has an eye for what would suit a woman's body shape, and he definitely likes to do implants that will last the distance and give you the least problems in the long run. I had total faith in him, and when I checked out my boobs postop I can see why he has such a great reputation.
  15. Hope you are feeling better soon Titteez, it's so good for it to be all over and on the mend. I keep sneaking peeks at my new boobs(Yes JenJen I now know what you mean about not leaving them alone:o, I am so happy with my decision to get a BA. But I really think I would have chickened out, if it hadn't been for the wonderful support and useful info gained from the fantastic ladies on this forum! It gave me the confidence to go ahead and do something for me that I have always wanted! Still feeling pretty chirpy and and on a booby high, what a day!!
  16. Good luck for tomorrow allaboutboobs, I hope your BA goes as well as mine did today. I haven't had that much discomfort tonight, just taken some of my meds for tonight so I get a goods night sleep. Just relaxed watching telly, and now I feel a little peckish again, so I'm going to have a light healthy supper. So relieved it's all over, and I'm now on the mend. Really looking forward to wearing outfits I could never hold up or fill out before. Roll on summer, bikini time is gonna be fun this year.
  17. Haven't felt sick or queasy at all, had a full meal and dessert plus a few bits of my fave dark chocolate with a cup of tea. Btw how good was that cup of tea with bikkies and lollies at Dr H's post surgery (loved the big colourful, cute cup and saucer too, I kept saying I felt like I was Alice at the Mad Hatters Tea Party lol) Another thing I kept saying when I came to, was that I felt like a flowerpower hippy from the 60s, I felt so chillaxed! And then I looked down at my chest and just thought WOW I am blown away, I am sooooo impressed by what I'm seeing. They are perfect, just as I had imagined them to be! It has been one of the most awesome days in my life, enjoyed every minute! Still feeling great tonight, kinda floaty, don't think I've come down yet. Dr H and ladies kept saying how they didn't have to give me much to go under. I said I'm a cheap drunk too, a few drinks and I'm gone. Dr H said the way I react so easily to drugs is consistent with how I only need a few drinks to get me happy!
  18. I'm back home, feel so relaxed and happy (I think I'm high as a kite actually) - kinda like I've been at the pub for a few hours with friends. Hubby couldn't believe how much I talked on the way home! Sooooooo pleased with size, they are exactly what I hoped for:) Dr H and his team are so great, they are so reassuring and easy to talk to. Love, love, love my new girls!!!!!!
  19. Getting ready to leave, Titteez must be done and dusted by now! Hope Dr H's hands are warmed up nicely to perform some great surgical work on me now:) Soooooo excited, this is the one of the strangest, yet also one of the best days of my life....My parting words to you all are "Hasta la Vista small boobies!" hahaha
  20. I am going in for my BA today with Dr H, not game to ask this question preop!! Might put him off his game!
  21. Good to hear you had a decent nights sleep last night BellaM, hope your recovery continues well. You'll be up and about enjoying your new bobbies before you know it!
  22. I was checking old threads and read that SmallJoy cancelled her surgery and is probably not going to have her BA done until about March next year.
  23. Good luck Titteez, you will have amazing boobs in a few hours time! :)I might see you in there, I am up at 12.45pm. Although you will probably be still in recovery mode and a bit woozy!!
  24. Ace80, Glad to hear that your partner knows that actions speak much louder than words hahaha
  25. Ta Bex, Great info - especially as I will definitely be out buying new bras in the next week after my BA tomorrow! You got some great bargains. It's going to be so funny from now on, I never used to buy many bras - but somehow I think that's about to change haha
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