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  1. Still feel amazing, I never expected to feel this good postop. Appetite is good, haven't felt sick at all. Just a bit of discomfort in chest area (of course!!), which is really only uncomfortable when getting up from sitting or lying position. I really hope I continue to feel as upbeat as this and dont crash at some stage. Btw Dr H said there was no way he could have gone 360 on me, 315 was definitely my max. That put me totally at peace, all that worrying about these 2 sizes, and in the end the decision was quite cut and dry. Didn't even end up taking sleeping tablet last night, just valium and Di-gesic. Topped up again with this at lunch today, probably start cutting back on stronger pain relief tomorrow. Did you find Di-Gesic or Mersyndol better? I was so lucky I had such a wonderful experience with twilight sedation, actually quite enjoyed it!! Dr H and his girls are such a wonderful team, they are so kind and supportive, and also have a great sense of humour! :) xxx

  2. I am so tired tonight, I feel exhausted, all these late nights on computer have caught up with me. Plus I think I feel mentally drained from all the worrying and decision making re BA. Have to set alarm for early breakfast, so don't have food too close to op time. Tonight feels kind of surreal and strange, I really can't believe I am going to Dr H tomorrow. Keep thinking OMG this is the last night I have my natural boobs. I stand topless in front of the mirror and keep trying to imagine new boobs on my chest lol :) Good luck for tomorrow hun xxx

  3. Hey oakley, if they turn out even half as good as yours I'll be happy!:D

  4. thanks oakley, feels kind of strange that it is going to finally happen...I am excited about what my results are going to be, sizers are one thing, but I still find it hard to get my head around what they are going to actually look and feel like on me. This forum has been such a wonderful support network to me :)

  5. I hope we are allowed to wear some makeup, have to check. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, thought it would be nice treat as I won't be able to do much to it for a few days. Yeah a few girls on here said a light hoody is a good idea. I have got a few of them, dont feel like buying shirt I will never wear again. Tomorrow I am going to buy some bigger bras, JenJen said that postop bra from Dr H gets too tight. I think she even had DD or E bras on as she was so swollen! Arnica also on list too

  6. NO!!! I love leaving things til last minute. Tomorrow I am getting all my last minute stuff, I don't feel ready at all. Haven't got my peas yet either lol Thanks for the reminder. Don't even know what I am going to wear in on Wednesday, trying to find bigger sized button up shirt. Prob wear black leggings on bottom half for comfort. Can't believe in just a couple of days we are finally going to be over and done. I feel really impatient now, as we are nearly at end of September list and everyone else is done and on the mend!!

  7. Thanks for the ticker, sorry I still haven't got around to doing it yet. How close are we now, I am getting nervous but excited! Just hope my boobs end up looking how I hope. Not sleeping much at the moment, I am gonna be so tired post surgery, catching up on sleep I've missed out on researching breast implant sizes lol. I am fully obsessed!! Not looking forward to first week after surgery, seems like most girls are pretty sore and uncomfortable. Sept 26 nearly here:)

  8. D cup is what he estimates 360 would get me. But it is hard to know how your body will look with boobs that big. Don't want to look ridiculously fake and big. But also don't want to go too small (which a friend of mine had happen) I'll be glad when they are in and I don't have to think about size, profile, etc,etc,etc any more. cheers BW

  9. Thanks for that, much appreciated. BW

  10. Cheers Bex31, the girls on this forum are so supportive. I am so glad I discovered this site, thanks, BW xx

  11. Thanks so much B2B for adding me as a friend. Your photos are impressive to say the least. I am booked in with Dr Harwood on Sept 26 for 360 anatomical HP dual plane, but after looking at your photos think this may be too much cc. As I am going for natural look, don't want to look too top heavy and fake. I am 58kg and 164cm, and Dr Harwood thinks 360cc would be great on me. But 360 is the absolute maximum he would do on me. It is so confusing to try and decide what size to go and be completely confident with the final outcome. But judging by your pics, Dr Harwood does great work. thanks again BW

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