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    After breast feeding 4 babies in the last 10 years, and recently loosing 28kgs my breasts have become deflated and what best resembles ski slopes. Going to Bangkok for a breast lift and implant in October!
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    Dr. Somboon Waiprib at Bumrungrad, surgery date 9/10/2012
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    174cm / 80kg / 14B

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  1. Wowzers Bellavis! They are looking A-Mazing!! I just uploaded a pic of my boobs from tonight. Healing well gap is just as I wanted.. hoping it doesnt close any further. They look 2 totally different sizes but I my lefty is a little more tighter, so hoping that its just not relaxed as much as her sister. Would love a bit of feedback, regarding the height.. Im thinking Lefty is a little high, but wondering if its just me nit picking?? Nipples look good. Not a lot to complain about Thanks ladies! Cant believe we all made it through xxx
  2. I'm doing everything I used to do except sleeping on my belly. But have been able to lay on my belly for small periods of time though. The only thing I have noticed is I'm Not as strong in my arms as I was before hand. Other than that I'm feeling good. Boobs are still tender when lightly touched or knocked but massaging helps desensitise that. Xx
  3. Ive been wearing this bra the last week, and Ive been finding the same. I went up a band size (fitted a 14DD) so wearing a 16D at the moment. I've also found that short period of time is totally comfortable, but yesterday I was in it for 14 hours and OMG the relief when I ripped it off as instant. I also had the red around my body, but I just put it down to being a really hot day here yesterday, and we were out and about most of the day. Today Im sticking to my good old sports crop and it is so much more comfortable, just restricts what I can wear in my wardrobe So think I will use this bra for the days that I am out of the house (im a stay at home mum) and then when home switch back to the old faithful sports crop until I can start wearing underwires. xx
  4. My pre BA clothing are very modest. No plunging neck lines and nothing too tight. So clothes shopping here I come!! Im so excited about actually getting some cleveage happening, and wearing plunging necklines, and strappy singlets/ dresses! I cant believe how much confidence getting my boobs done has given me. Sex life has definately kicked up a notch, and I feel gorgeous in just about everything Im wearing. So glad I had my girls done xx
  5. I was just wondering if anyone post op, down the track.. could tell me how long it was before your felt 100% back to normal? I'm LOVING my new breasts. They are really moveable and starting to get nice and squishy. I am finding the more I massage the more loose they feel. But my skin feels sore. Kind of feels like sunburn. Just really annoying and was hoping that 1, it will go away and 2, that it's not going to last months. I want to be able to massage my scars, which are around my areolas to break down the scar tissue. But I really cant handle the feeling. I have almost all my sensation back in my skin and nipples. Just missing a strip from the areola down in one and on the other just the nipple and areola are numb. I also miss my babies snuggling into me and laying their heads on my chest, and really want to be able to feel 'normal' Any help would be appreciated Thanks Ladies xx
  6. Got a reply from my Dr, He says that it is just scaring that will disappear with massage. Just need to make sure that I massage frequently to break down the tissue. Hope you are doing well xx
  7. Awesome! haha.. I have actually been doing the same, touching all the time. Kids keep saying "Mummy, why are you touching your boobies for?" Drove the kids to the bus stop this morning and the seat belt was really annoying. Both my nipples feel like someone has rubbed at them with sandpaper, but now its only when I brush them and not all the time like it was. Thanks for letting me know xx
  8. Sure Daisy_Resha! Hubbys back from work tonight, so I'll get him to take a new one tonight and update the photos. Lefty is looking lower everyday and looks great, Righty is tight as tight. She's not ready to move and inch haha. Oh and I LOVE my 500's and totally think I could have gone bigger haha!!
  9. I was feeling my areolas today, and I have a lump or 2 as well. They arent sore, so Im not stressing too much. But have shot an email through to my Dr to see what he will say, but assuming because I am just about 2 weeks PO he will tell me to stop stressing! Fingers crossed, and sorry I couldnt help you xx
  10. Loz, Your boobs are looking great. Just curious. Are you still sore to touch? Not painful just generally sore? The sides of my boobs are tender, and same with underneath. xx
  11. I still havent driven yet, a little nervous about it to tell you the truth. Im alone now hubby has gone back to work for 3 weeks. So Im left with our 11,5,4&2 year old. And Master 2 is super clingy, making me sad that I cant cuddle like a used to (he used to nuggle on my chest) just hurts when he digs his head in. Going to attempt to drive tomorrow, oh and get my younger 2 in the car seats arhh! xx
  12. Mrs-D


    My swelling was worst on day 2, and everyday is better than the last. My only discomfort now is the skin is sore to touch on the inside of the boobies and underneath and if I touch my nipples. The over sensitive burning that was happening to my poor nipples has subsided more and more day by day. Just go with how your body is recovering. No 2 people are exactly the same. xx
  13. Thanks ladies I am feeling so good today. Boobies are looking sensational! I am super surprised at how great my areoles are looking. The puckering is almost all flattened out and they are looking so smooth. Put both my arms above my head today waiting to see how high my boobs moved haha.. And they didn't move! They look the same arms above my head as they do when my arms are by my side.. Totally cracked me up. Because before my lift I used to always used to lift my arms up and think "oh I wish you 2 would sit here" haha xx
  14. Happy surgery day ladies! Enjoy yourself and your new assets . Xx
  15. Hi ladies Was just wondering how everyone sleeps? Position wise. My dr told me from day 3 I could sleep laying flat on my back if I wanted to, and even if it felt ok o could sleep on my side. I've read quite a few of you are still sleeping elevated and was wondering why? Is it painful for you to sleep on your side or flat on your back? My recovery is going really great, not really getting "morning boob" like I was, they only discomfort I have is my burning nipples, and my boobies feel like they are filled with breast milk- engorged like, for those who know that feeling. Hoping I'm not the only one who's side sleeping xx
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