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    Dr Liew, 15 March 11
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    171cm 55.5kg, Pre 10/12A, Post 10E/12DD

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  1. righto...well that all sounds pretty good really. Mine are 2,4,& 6 and my 2 YO is in a bed so that makes the cot thing better. My 4YO rides and scooters everywhere and my 2 yo would like to but due to her inability to take orders from me as her mother like "don't run on the road" she is in the pram. it is a single though....so that should be ok. I think as long as I can drive after week 1 I'll be fine. my PS is definitely on the cautious side. he said 6 weeks off gym...and there are girls on JBI who are told 3 weeks and back to whatever they like! I will just do it based on how i feel. Aim to have work covered and if I am up to classes, then good. Thanks!