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    Dr Liew, 15 March 11
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    171cm 55.5kg, Pre 10/12A, Post 10E/12DD

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  1. sooo. I went to second PS today and he said I have no breast tissue and sub fascail will not work. He said I have no option but to go under the muscle and he does anatomical. he said, a round implant will give you a very high look and not look very natural on me. I said about the fitness thing and he said, there is going to have to be a compromise isn't there. The thing is, he was good...really good. His assessment of my body was more in line with what i was thinking about my body compared to the other PS who didn't do any of the measuring stuff....I had thought after that was weird. This PS did the skin fold, tape measured every part of my chest. I have to say I think he may be better for me. More expensive (bloody brighton). I hadn't thought about tear drop implants. The other thing is that this guy does 95% tear drop implants so of course he going to say I need them and the other guy does heaps of sub fascial so he going to say "go sub fascial. hmmm