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  1. Hi there, Dr T did my ba in August and I'm very happy. I don't think communication is his strongest point and felt similar to how you felt after my appt. He did an amazing job and he picked the perfect size/shape for me. Good luck whichever way you go!
  2. I'm with Minimel 100%...I love being outdoors so lots of sunscreen! You still tan anyway I find and I wear sunscreen all the time. I was told 6 weeks for sunbathing as it can encourage swelling & of course cover your scars for ages! I had a little mole cut off my face and didn't wear sunscreen over the scar & it's lost all the melanin & noticeable. Big no way to solariums!
  3. Yay! All done! Isn't it surprising how little pain (relatively speaking) there is I'm 6 wks out and so happy with the results, sure you will be too. If you keep taking painkillers def keep up with the all bran or even stronger...
  4. Hi Barely there, I was told not to get sized until the 5 wk mark (I assume that's when the swelling is completely gone)...so I also did at b n t. I wouldn't start forking out $$ until I was sure the size was right? I doubt it would change too significantly but why risk it I reckon...
  5. Hiya Minimel, I wore nothing or just sports bras for a week & then found the LJ ones on recommendation from my PS's nurse. Bear in mind though that I was told not to wear a bra for 6 weeks & only if necessary (ie. out & work) to wear a less supportive bra. So not sure if it's ideal for everyone or not sorry! They aren't really supportive you're right....
  6. Hiya, Just knowing you can't makes you want it even more I reckon and it was a struggle to wait!!! I heard 2 weeks+ is best. I googled it to find out if it was just sex or if it excluded all of the other stuff....and unfortunately the restriction is on the big O I think due to increased heart rate and your breasts apparently 'blush' when you uh....and this can cause internal bleeding/delay in healing etc etc. First time after was great though....no pain in boobies (I've heard some people do?) but no touching there yet either! The biggest turn off for me for not starting earlier was a) internal bleeding and I read something about the increased risk in CC. My nurse laughed at me when I said about the CC so not sure if thats a myth...Anyway, maybe just get plenty in before hahaha!!
  7. Hi, I got these soft sports bras from Kmart for $7! I looked around too and these were so affordable and have kept all of them as were really good value & quite nice (for a sports bra). Recommend a 14 I'd say. They are surprisingly really good, do up at the back. I also got the Lorna Jane ones (like a nicer arh bra) in size L. I wear these a lot as not allowed to wear a real bra for 6 weeks! A little awkward when I get cold at work....haha!
  8. Hiya, Minimel was spot on with her feedback, chopper & I had ours the same day turns out (3.5 wks ago) and I am so pleased. My stats are very similar to yours and I too asked for a mid (to full) C cup. Dr T suggested a couple of sizes and booby greed took over and have ended up about a D maybe even DD & can honestly say I am so glad I did. Being tall they don't look out of proportion (are on the bigger side I suppose) and they are settling in and looking more natural each week that passes. I havent heard anything on Dr Liew either sorry but there are other threads on him I think. Good luck with your decision & feel free to ask any Q's PS. If you go with nagor impleo round textured, HP seems to be eqivalent to a mod/mod plus
  9. Booboo

    Dr tavokoli?

    I'm an advocate too! Had the same implants as Heidi Jane and they look and feel really great 2 weeks post op. He's a bit of a laugh but very professional and his staff are lovely. This is the first procedure I've had done so was extremely nervous and overwhelmed with all the options of what implants. He picked the ones I got and they suit me well so he obviously knows what he's talking about. Also he's a plastic surgeon not just a cosmetic surgeon and I think this is important. Take some photos of what you like too. I have no complaints whatsoever, good luck!
  10. Hi there, just posted on Dollfaces thread as well saying that I've just got 460cc hp round textured nagor impleo implants and I'm so far very happy. My left breast lost sensation which is just coming back but the advantage of that is that I 've been able to feel what they feel like as if it wasn't my own! Sounds a bit weird I know but it was important to me that they weren't too hard to touch and I think they feel nice and soft for an implant. I'm 2 weeks post op and with no pain and starting to feel like they are now apart of me, not like foreign objects stuck on my chest haha! I'm still trying to suss out how to post photos so hopefully get some on today
  11. Hiya Dollface, I just got nagor impleo (impleo is the top of their range) in round hp textured implants. I'm 2 weeks post op and though I don't know any different as this is the first time I've had implants, I am really pleased. My ps uses a couple of brands but I chose nagor as they were noticeably softer when I was trying on sizers. They have a lifetime guarantee and their website has a catalogue of all their products which is worth checking out. Good luck
  12. Hi Amz, we got exactly the same implants with Dr T but I felt relatively good pretty quickly so worried that you're not feeling great. I'm not sleeping that well as I'm a side sleeper so sleeping elevated on my back is very very strange but other than that ok. I've limited exercise etc and on hols still so not sure if that is helping. I'd definitely see your gp just to be safe it's not worth the risk not getting checked out. All the best I hope you're feeling better soon x
  13. Hiya Minimel sorry for the late reply have been away and the wifi wasnt good and am seriously struggling with uploading photos! I thought I was IT savvy but just can't work it out! Grrrrrr... Help would be appreciated! I got the nagor impleo round hp - I'm quite tall at 176cm and 61kgs with a broad chest width so am really happy with the 460cc's (was going to go smaller but this size for me looks good). I always said that I didn't want big boobs and though I've ended up about a D (I think) they don't look huge at all and with the 2 week post op anniversary today I am feeling really good and they feel like me now and getting really soft. My left breast lost sensation all over but is slowly coming back, hopefully all over! The drains were fine and much rather the gunk getting out of my bod. It didn't hurt getting them out either. So excited for you as so happy with my result
  14. Hiya Minimel, don't worry about going to bondi they were awesome as well! Funny though because it doesn't look like a hospital from the outside more like a low rise office building but lovely inside just thought I'd rocked up to the wrong place . I'm a week post op now and so so glad I went with Dr T. It was a massive decision and turned out to be a good one. If you have any Q's at all please ask. I'm feeling really good, chest feeling a little less tight now and really only had pain when I put my arms back to put on jackets. The worst thing is sleeping on my back, elevated as well... so I suppose if thats the worst of it I'll be ok
  15. What brand implants are you getting? Some of them have websites with all their products, measurements, CCs etc. I have just got nagor brand (impleo) and they have a product page on their website. I got round high textured silicon & confident in my choice! Round hp's seem to be quite popular Good luck!
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