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  1. @Natty11 @tilly17 @MissE @Mum_of_4 @Kazza @Sunnycoast83 Thank you all so much for that. I think you are all right, once the swelling goes down they will be a perfect size. I think my fiance is in a bit of shock too after almost 5 years together I finally have boobs and he kept saying they were massive, but he just isn't use to it. I have shown him some drop and fluff pics so he knows they won't be like this forever. He has been very supportive so I am very lucky. My nipples are currently pointing down as I had no fold so the skin has to stretch to make one. I am so looking forward to this pain being over too! Its not terrible if I just stay in bed.
  2. I got 450cc over the muscle. I am 165cm and about 63 kilos depending on how good I am with my diet. I have pretty big hips bum and thighs so I know it will look proportional but it is still such a shock!
  3. Is anyone else a bit shocked seeing their chest? Like it doesn't feel like me and I feel so weird. I have gone from almost flat and when I finally saw them today properly I am a little freaked out that I went to big. I know it is only day one, but I am scared I have made a mistake! In the bra i love them though as they are similar to my super padded bras. Photos for reference.
  4. I was almost going to wait till after kids, but I will probably wait a few years anyway so at least I can enjoy them now! I have my wedding coming up in March and I picked up my dress the other day and was showing everyone how I could fit my whole fist in there. It is lace up at the back so should be find with the new boobs! I slept for a bit more and woken up and they are soo swollen this morning.
  5. I am currently having the worst nights sleep. My Mum is in the bed next to me snoring like crazy but I think i am more uncomfortable than anything. I am not a back sleeper at all. Usually a tummy sleeper so the urge to roll over is strong. Also I think the tightness of the bra is bothering me more than any actual pain. Just a quick comparison below. I love the size so hopefully they don't change too much. As you can see I was flat as anything. It pretty much now just looks like i am wearing one of my heavily padded bras! I can't wait to try clothes on!
  6. I got in at 12pm on the dot after a few dramas leaving. An hour and a half drive and 10 minutes in my Mum who is looking after me, forgot her phone so back we went. Got to the hotel to check in 11.50am and straight to the specialist centre at St John of god. Paid the final amount of money and went into my own private room with magazines and a TV with Mum still with me then I changed into my robe and got into the nice recliner chair. After about an hour (1pm) of waiting they took me into the waiting are to lay on the hospital bed and get the IV drip attached. Dr Rahdon came and drew on my chest, we settled on 450cc and he said it would compliment the rest of my body as i have a small waist and big hips. My nerves really started to kick in wondering if I would wake up or if something went wrong. As they wheeled me into the theatre room i made sure to tell them I wanted overs as I had not confirmed with Dr Rahdon. The next thing I knew I was waking up, but went back to sleep for a bit. They took me to another recliner chair to recover a bit and gaveme water which I was in desperate need of by that point. I checked my phone and the time was around 5.20 and my Mum showed up shortly after to stay with me. I had a couple of dry biscuits and was feeling fine and no nausea so they gave me a sandwich, was so good to eat after 10 hours. Walked back to the hotel which was next door so not too bad. I haven't had a proper look but love just looking in the mirror and seeing them. I felt like crying with happiness before as they are something I have wanted for so long. Sorry for the long post! Will keep you updated with how I go.
  7. I have been a little bit quiet on here lately! Thanks for the luck ladies I woke up early to have a light breakfast at 6am to be admitted at 12pm today. Going to drive down to Geelong around 10am to give us enough time to check in. I am feeling kinda sick with nerves today and a bit yesterday after not feeling nervous at all. Hopefully going 450cc over the muscle today!
  8. @Misty01 I am so glad to hear that because that was the only thing stopping me from going over. I love everything else about overs especially the quicker recovery time. I will definitely ask him before surgery and probably end up going overs. I think I am going to book at the Mercure for just the night of as it is literally next door and just book the 2 Queen beds. My Mum is coming to look after me. Have you got someone to come with you? I literally just half told my Dad yesterday. I was like oh just so you know I am having surgery in August anf he's like what kind of surgery and I said plastic. That is all he knows. My step dad knows and was super against it because he is like why waste your money blah blah. Then Mum messaged me while overseas and said that he was saying they should help pay. Such a turn around haha. Thanks! So much to plan and save for. I already have the dress, but I tried it on with a super padded bra and its lace up so hopefully my new additions fit in well!
  9. Hi @MsCharlie I am booked in with Dr Rahdon at Body Recon in Geelong. He went through everything with me and I was extremely nervous beforehand, but I felt so much better and more comfortable while speaking to him I booked in shortly after. It is very important to feel comfortable and confident with the surgeon you book in with. Good luck!
  10. I am booked in with Dr Rahdon at Body Recon in Geelong, Victoria Good to know there will be some girls going through the same! Do you know sizes and such yet?
  11. Lots of people on the 11th August! Where are you guys going?
  12. 0 That is awesome about the cms you have lost! That is one of the big things about me going over or under the muscle. He said I could do both and I love the idea of less pain and not having the weird feeling of implants moving when you work out upper body. I just worry about breast feeding in the future (5 years or so down the track) as if I have more chance if I go under I will probably do that. I do need to ask him what he thinks. I am travelling from the northern suburbs of Melbourne so maybe an hour and a half to get there. I need to book the accommodation but not sure what the name was or if I should book the night before if it is an early appointment. I have gone through a bit of a freak out with money and such lately as I am getting married in March and we just bought land and I sometimes wonder if it is selfish for me to do this or if I should put the money towards a house, but I am back on track with wanting boobs done again haha.
  13. How exciting! Do you know what size you'll get? Are you travelling from Melbourne?
  14. Hey, are you able to post photos? I have having breast augmentation surgery done there and I am curious about lip fillers. How much did they cost if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I am officially booked in for the 11th August with Dr Rahdon. Looking at either 400cc or 450cc, he said I can go either over or under the muscle, but I am not sure of the profile yet. Just weighing up the pros and cons of over or under. I want to lose a couple of kilos before surgery so need to use that as my motivation.
  16. I am waiting ever so patiently for my quote to come through so I can hopefully book for mid August
  17. I had my first consultation with Dr Rahdon yesterday at Body Recon in Geelong, his prices start at $9,000. He was great and I am definitely considering having my surgery with him. There is also YourBreast (Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery) whose prices start at under $7,000 for a standard procedure. I have a consultation booked with them at the end of the month. They are all qualified Plastic Surgeons.
  18. I had my first ever consultation today. I was so nervous sitting in the waiting room, but my nerves very quickly went away once I got in there and he was so lovely. We looked at 400cc or 450cc round (not sure of profile) as I have quite a broad chest and trying on the sizes was a good way to see how they would look. He said I could go over or under the muscle, I am going to do some research on the differences but over the muscle sounded pretty good for me. I have another consultation booked for the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, but I will just wait for the final quote from Dr Rahdon and see how I feel. He said I was 100% straight forward, but hopefully won't be too much more than the $9,000. I might look at August as I have just gotten back from overseas and want to lose a bit of weight before I do it. And might need to save just a little bit more.
  19. I am hoping for July or August boobies! I have my first consultation on Monday with Dr Rahdon and I am so excited. Not sure what to expect in terms of sizing etc. Will possibly look at doing more consultations, just hard to organise them around worl!
  20. I am booked in for my first consultation on Monday and I cannot wait! I will have to wait a couple of months to save a bit more but I am very excited to find out what size I can go!
  21. I am very new to this forum and I am trying to do a bit of research. I have seen some good reviews about Dr Rahdon, but cannot find much about YourBreast, has anyone had their surgery done there? I think price wise there will be a bit of a difference with Dr Rahdon being maybe $2.5k more, but don't want to skimp if he is the best one to go with. I haven't done a consultation yet as I have to go during the week and will have to take the afternoon off work and not sure how to explain it. I also don't have any friends who have had a breast augmentation so have been reading a lot on this forum. Any information on either of these places would be amazing, thanks.
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