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    Was originally booked with TCI. Switched to Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery with Dr.Andrew Greensmith. Had consultation, going 370cc's Ultra high profile Eurorsilicone smooth unders :)
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    23rd June, Andrew Greensmith, Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery
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  1. Heyy ladies! I haven't been on this for a little while.. have been catching up on work! Haha. The first few days were obviously the worst for me then I wanted to go back to work after a week hahaha. I told myself not to obviously as my body needed to heal! Then we moved house so that kept me busy Although I picked up a heavy book and dropped it then went to reach out for it without thinking.. that hurt A LOT! I was still having weekly check ups with the nurse so it was checked out and all was ok! Just had a valium to relax the muscle again and took it easy for a few days I've been in work fo
  2. @expat oh my days, they are looking absolutely amazing!!! I really love them hahaha sorry for making you reiterate but what did you have again? @Shygirl79 hahaha I recently tried my old bras on, so much fun! I cant wait to have this bloody surgical bra off too
  3. Hey @D e I bought mine from BoobieSupplies.com they have a Facebook page too. I just got my partner to fill them with cold water for me and I just sat with them on. Then when I put the ice in wowww.. It felt amazing haha such a relief! Which ones did you get?
  4. @Shygirl79 wow they're fabbbb!!! I can see you were flat before too, you've got such a great result! I'm 2 weeks now, I imagine I could go out with my friends, just not for very long Hahahaha I get tired so easily now it's crazy. I think my body has just got used to resting ? Also, mine are healing at slightly different times too, I wouldn't worry too much. It's essentially like having two different surgeries as they're two different boobs haha plus one of the muscles will be tighter from it being your dominant one which can affect healing times. But they'll both catch up with
  5. @Fitmummaof3 wow, they're looking amazing!! Love the crop too Mine are still a tad numb underneath but apart from that they're feeling good now! I've noticed that as I've started getting out of the house just running errands with my partner etc nothing too excessive.. I'm getting tired very quickly! Need to realise that even though I'm feeling good, my body is still healing from surgery I guess
  6. @jstev7 I just use the stickers to cover my nipples as I'm in a few boob groups on Facebook and you're not allowed to show nipples on Facebook so I just use the same pics haha my ps has said no massage
  7. ohhh wow, you got asian hair to go blonde @lisba haha thats good going! Yeah Olaplex is great at least it will go back to being healthy as a brunette! I think asian hair is amazing haha its always so soft and silky!
  8. Hahahaha we are exactly the same! At least hopefully I will of worried over all the small things so when its your turn I can give you the answers haha, when are you due to get your girls? haha 'due'. x I have no clue! haha I have requested for my nurse to call me soon as I totally forgot to ask her earlier. Ok yeah that sounds like a good plan! Thank you x This is it x
  9. Haha yess @jstev7 i'm definitely happy with them! I had a Keller Funnel used to put in the implant, thats why the incisions are small . Ok soo.... I am literally afraid of showering! Hahaha. I am now 1 week post op and so far I have only had thorough washes, not an actual shower. I had my tapes changed today and I NEED a real shower. Whats the deal with the tapes etc? I am scared of them getting wet and then ending up getting all gammy and horrible like things do when they're left wet. Haha I am such an over thinker - its stupid! My shower is like a square fixture that just falls down so its n
  10. ohh this sounds gorgeous!! I'd love to see it Yess, theres literally nothing better than a good hair wash haha. I haven't managed to get to the salon so my partner has to shower with me tonight and wash my hair hahaha. Plus, because of the pastel hair he will also need to put more colour on for me. This should be fun! Haha yep its me! Aw really? Have you tried Olaplex?
  11. Ok just had my scan and everything is ok! It's funny to see breast tissue & implants on an ultra sound haha I'm glad my mind is at ease. I'm glad the PS sent me though, I definitely think it's always best to be cautious just incase @Melicass they're looking amazing! Sorry for the diagonal pic hahaha my partner took it for me when I was getting my tapes changed. You can see the incision though
  12. I just went for my one week check up and to have my tapes changed. They've sent me for an ultrasound today to possibly have fluid drained from my right boob as its more swollen. I'm so scared, I hate needles! The surgeon was very reassuring that I shouldn't worry about it effecting my overall outcome but I can't help but stress
  13. @Jennalee Hahaha yepp that's me.. The unicorn wannabe ? Thank you! Yeah it's such a nice feeling having your hair done properly, they always give it the best scrub too hahaha, that's exactly what I need! Ps.. I did not post those pics on Facebook hahaha a girly Facebook page did. Hence the love heart emojis. Definitely wouldn't post those about myself ?
  14. Yeah i'm thinking I'll do that too! I'm off to my salon straight after it to get my hair washed properly and my nails finally done again hahaha so hopefully the thought of clean hair will get me through it! I have just uploaded my progress pics and its only been one week yet i'm amazed at how much they change! I'm fascinated by this whole process hahahaha
  15. I have my strips taken off my incisions and drain 'holes' tomorrow, does anybody know if it hurts a little? So far i've had no tenderness whatsoever from my incisions however if I slightly touch the drain sites it literally makes me feel sick x
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