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  1. @Babyj I started off with not even an A cup and I'm not sure what size I am now, haven't gone bra shopping yet since I still have to wear my post op bra and feel like they've still got a lot of settling to do I do have some photos in my gallery and I'll keep updating as I see change happenin
  2. @Mum of three I'm in the exact same boat! I feel like mine haven't changed much since week 2 post op.. Have you been massaging yours at all? I was told not to by my surgeon. Also my left is feeling good but my right boob still gets morning boob and general tightness. Do you still get any morning boob?
  3. @BabyjI had surgery with Dr Kollias 5 weeks ago now! He's a fantastic surgeon but he can be quite conservative with size, therefore I would recommend picking the 365 ☺️ There's not a whole lot of difference between 330 and 365 anyway. I am 174cm tall and 65kg, I got 385 and I would say I'm very proportionate but I definitely would have loved to go bigger if I had my time again. However you have to listen to Dr K's reccomemdation, Dr K had 415cc ordered for me as well but said it would have been a big squeeze and my skin wouldn't have been able to stretch and adjust to the implant. He's perfect for a natural look and I'm sure he'll give you exactly what you want x
  4. I am 173cm tall and 65kg, I am 4 weeks post op and had 385cc HP dual plane add me as a gallery friend to see some of my progress photos if you like. I don't know what cup size I am yet, but hoping on 10D/DD.
  5. @ree11 yay how exciting for you! Nope I'm just using bio oil that's all that's been reccomended to me by my PS. I'll keep using the bio oil for a couple months and if not satisfied I might try some other treatments, like the vitamin E etc xx
  6. Snapped some photos of my scars at 3 weeks and 3 days post op and I'm soo happy! Putting bio oil on my scars twice daily ☺️ they're not raised at all or anything! Can't wait for my boobs to drop more and they will hardly be visible I think, especially once they lose their pinky colour ?? Will add some photos to my gallery. Boobs are feeling tender today, especially on the sides of them. Not sure if I've over done it or slept on them funny.. Anyone else feeling tender still past the 3 week mark?
  7. @Cassandra My surgery went really well, I am now 3 weeks post op feel free to FR me to see my gallery photos.
  8. @MissE yeah all surgeons say completely different stuff, just thought it was weird considering newboobsmaybe and I have the same surgeon ?
  9. @newboobsmaybe they're looking good! Are your incisions not covered anymore? Haha I'm only just able to take my bandages off tonight and I'm three weeks post op..
  10. @Booklet my recovery is going really well! Back to normal and have been since end of week 1 post op My right is still a bit tender and can feel slightly sore at times, which is normal and it's not worth taking any pain medication for. Dr K was happy with my results and reassured me that he couldn't have fit any larger in. I have to see him again in 3 months. Still get morning boob, but no where near as bad or as long as the first week or two. I have slight numbness on my boobs but no nipple sensitivity or shooting pains that other ladies have experience, thank goodness it stays that way ?? Are you booked in for surgery with Dr K?☺️ @Booklet
  11. Lou

    September 2016

    @Lionheart I have very similar stats to you and had surgery 10 days ago with 385HP dual plane. I would say 390 is perfect for you if you aren't seeking really big boobs. In a shirt and cloths my boobs disappear so no one can notice I've had them done. However I would definitely go bigger if I could go back 10 days in time. Feel free to FR me, I'll update my photos sometime this week
  12. Looking soo good! @Sunnycoast83 Hope you have a smooth recovery! Eee, @Nay I'm so excited for you that the bandages have come off! I've been waiting to see how great they look, and I just had a look at your gallery and wow! They look soo good! You hardly even look swollen My boobs are still up to my collar bones basically hahah
  13. @Mum_of_4 hmm my pain feels as though it's on the outer edge of the incision, so maybe it is the same place you were feeling it! I emailed my surgeon about it, just to make sure. I bet he'll have the same response that your nurse did ☺️ @Muffin87 I couldn't agree more about just wanting it to be a week already! I'm hanging out for the days where I don't feel any tightness or the dreaded morning boob ? Anyone know when it's meant to ease off?
  14. Question for all you ladies who've had your BA already and that have gone unders or dual plane.. When or have you started to do some light housework? Yesterday I just got so frustrated and swept the floors, wiped down the benches and packed the dishwasher. I did it very slowly. It wasn't painful, I mean I was and am still a bit tight and tender in the chest. But today I've got a burning, pulling and tight feeling coming from my right incision.. Really scared I've pulled on the stitches or something? Sounds like the same pain I'm experiencing! ? Did the nurse tell you not to worry about it? Feels like I'm going to rip my stitches open
  15. Good luck to the ladies going in for their BA today ??
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