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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Patrick Briggs 22/06/16
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    5"9 tall, 57-60kg, 8b post op now 8D-DD with 415cc HP dual plane
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    Med student
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    Horse Riding :)

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  1. @MaisieF Oh you ?? It's just a cheap Kmart wireless bralette - very comfy tho!
  2. Thankyou @Nay! I know right! I'm so happy with the size I chose Although I'm quite tall so I can carry a few more ccs apparently Thanks Barbalicious! We'd probably have a similiar gap in the middle I think it looks great up in a bra, not a fan of ultra close together cleavage
  3. @Kayla89 Thanks girl x boobs make it look way better ?
  4. I naturally had a wide gap before surgery and still do! I prefer it Here's a recent pic, you can add me if you'd like to see more photos I have in my gallery
  5. almost two weeks post op! I can't believe it's already been so long! Boobs are starting to soften and are looking much better every day
  6. I have pictures in my private gallery and I'll be putting more recent ones on tomorrow It was just a day surgery for me, and no drains as I was very straightforward
  7. I had Patrick Briggs do my surgery - hes not on popular on here as some others but I know a few people who went through him and had great results, and I am very impressed with him after having my BA 10 days ago I was a small 8B cup and am now an 8D-DD (depending on the bra, i got measured yesterday morning) and I had 415 HP dual plane. He used to be around 12-13k but hes dropped his prices down to 9k as hes hoping that by making it more affordable, less people would be inclined to go overseas as he's had to fix up a lot of botched jobs (his reasoning to me). I had a fantastic experiance with him and his team and the hospital, and have had an amazingly easy recovery so I'd definitely recommend him
  8. 10 days since boobs and I went out raving last night xD Thought I'd be in hell today but ive not had to take any painkillers at all! I've got to say ive been having quite the easy recovery thank goodness. Theyre so much softer now, and starting to look more and more natural with each day, im so excited to see the final result!
  9. @Jennalee I took the bra of as soon as I could, I'm so impatient! Thanks @dee! I'm very happy I am 174cm tall and 60kg. I was a b cup before, but barely xD I was slightly uneven but somehow Briggs fixed it using the same sized implant! I got 415cc dual plane II high profile Me before hand
  10. I had my operation last Wednesday so it's been about 5 days After reading everyone's recovery stories I was terrified! It honestly wasn't half as bad as I expected, more uncomfortable then painful and I was up and about a few hours after surgery. On my third day I could pretty much get of all painkillers and even went bra shopping! I hope your recovery is similiar, what are you getting? Everyone's different I suppose:) My bloating finally went away today! So much happier I was feeling like I was pregnant xD boobs are already softer, looking forward to them dropping
  11. @MermaidUnicorn yours look amazing! you must be so happy I am so incredibly pleased with how well my recovery is going - I was most nervous about the pain but I'm already off all pain killers! Boobs are settling nicely, Im actually really happy with the way they look atm, so I hope they dont change to dramatically when they drop and fluff.
  12. @jstev7 mine look quite full because i was a B cup to start with so I had some stretch Ill link you the thread!
  13. @jstev7 Is still early days dont panic yet! Your muscle still needs to relax and loosen the implant because right now it's squashing it have you seen the d&f threads? They reply help
  14. @ash92 Oh my goodness that must've been awful! Yeah it's usually the worst at night and I just scratch all over :') I think that's the only hard part of the recovery for me! I'm on temjesic and panadol however, but I think after my third day post op I'll stick to just panadol I'm just worried once I stop the more strong painkillers, I'll start to have more trouble xD @MermaidUnicorn How was your surgery? Hope it went well x
  15. @ash92 I thought maybe it was the pain killers! Which are you on? Is there anything I can do to stop the itch it's driving me mental xD
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