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  1. Hey Ladies, A quick update. over 1yr post op and still no full D&F.. and Tony says they won’t change... they still have a lot of upper pole fullness with no natural slope. Still quiet tight, and look fake as hell when I lift my arms. Nipples point down as the drop did not happen, and they are very uneven now in heights/level, maybe something the BA made worse but was there before. They generally from the side still look torpedo ish. I’m waiting for a response from Tony about if having another consult is going to be worth it to discuss options to rectify. Meanwhil
  2. Anyone else feel their silicone implants rippling when you run your fingers along the bottom/underside of the breast? also anyone able to press their fingers at the crease and go under the implant??
  3. 1yr PO and not yet 100% happy. Still looking fake and nipples point down.... wait another year to see what happens
  4. Hi All, I’m 1year PO, 385cc round textured unders, and my nipples are still pointing downwards. i wanted to ask - does lowering the crease fix this issue? thanks!
  5. Hey! I’m 11mpo and still haven’t dropped completely. i work out regularly and lift weights incl chest. I believe my chest muscles coupled with good skin have meant mine are going to take a while to drop
  6. I had consultations with both. I was decided on Watts until I met Tony lol have you had a consult with Dr Watts? if not I suggest you do if you are uncertain of who to go with. Personally with the complications you have I recommend Tony
  7. He doesn't have one, as he has enough clients by word of mouth. Its a bit unnerving but once you meet him you'll see why he doesn't need one I'm 9 MPO
  8. He is one of the best, for more info on my surgery see my threads and profile
  9. Listen to him, he knows what he's doing, but at the same time if your not comfortable with what he said go have another two consults - I highly recommend having at least 2/3 consults before deciding. i am 5 months po with Tony - see my thread etc i wouldn't say I love them yet, but mine are still high and tight, don't look natural at all yet, but I think that's my body just taking its time around 13k
  10. I have 385cc. Running was hard for me to get back into because of the feeling, I started when my surgeon said I could but it was a few more weeks before it started to feel ok, so just listen to your body. Still doesn't feel 100% for me and I'm 5months. i bought two really good sports bras (I don't wear two at the same time) - Under Armour one and the She Fit. SHEFIT size /calculator is all wrong, so use chart. Or email them. It's not the comfiest bra but it works. The UA one is great too.
  11. I Found crops with a higher coverage for breasts feel better for me, you just have to find them, mostly in the sports bra area. I juat gpt got a black on from target, but I've got a couple more from yrs ago that still fit and also my PO bra I still use - Liposomething
  12. HEY ladies, I'm 5 months PO now and still waiting for the drop and fluff, breasts are still quiet stiff and have a stuck on fakish look. But they feel 95% normal now in terms of being a part of me. havnt got my total strength back at the gym for upper body like push ups and chest press etc, also feels weird when the muscle contracts for exercises and random things like yawning. If I had my time again I might not go under the muscle, but will wait until 1yr PO to make a final call on that. IMG_3962.mov
  13. I am 3.5mpo and still waiting for mine to loosen up, they are still quiet firm / tight / high.... I look at squish videos and get to jealous lol 385cc TSF silicone unders
  14. Hey I'm into my weights but not at a competitive level. im just over 3months po and still waiting for them to drop and fluff completely it's taking longer then I expected and sometimes this happens to people with a lot of chest muscle All unders are performed using dual plane these days im trying to get back into weights, feels weird when the antimate and lost some strength for sure
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