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  1. I agree with this but unfortunately there's no comparable resource I always message patients I agree updates and responding to questions (or rather, refusing to) is the big tell. The scary thing is there's also this simple problem and I identify it in instagram - surgeons show their best work. Maybe did that before, but...someone like Eric Joseph (rhino surgeon) had real patients, posted pics, reviews...but those women never answered questions. Even the caveat "no pics" isn't foolproof. (I also feel like for a lot of rhino surgeons in my area...they outright steal pics from
  2. I have done bbq sausage sandwiches, made a pizza, and tarts/pies, candies. Jello salad with jello, applesauce, cranberry sauce, I even have own the recipe journal for that. Recipes include lots of easy to make lunch recipes, anything with pre-made dough. I found kids really like to rolling and manipulative of dough.
  3. Drinking a ton of water, create own food planner, future save date and some light exercise every other day. That's how I lost 20-30 lbs in a few months. But I think I have a pretty high metabolism. I just gained a ton of weight one Summer from over-eating and lack of exercise.
  4. I love their PINK Wear Everywhere T-Shirt bras. I buy them regularly in black and nude. Only problem is that the band is a little loose on me. I wear a 32D in that bra, but could really use a 30DD instead. onplanners
  5. Bybliss makes a great product. If you know someone with a cosmotology license and they're willing to take you to a beauty supply store (where you have to be licensed to purchase products), you can get a great deal on straighteners and hair dryers. My website
  6. My congrats! I've lost about 80+ pounds over a year To lose weight, I and changed what I ate and created a daily planner like https://onplanners.com/planners/best-daily-planners I only ate when I was hungry and focused on eating protein before anything else because it filled me up more. Eating protein first meant I would eat less carbs and less plain sugar throughout the meal. Breakfast? Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. Not feeling eggs? Have a fruit smoothie with some protein powder. Don't really want that? Have some greek yogurt (not too much though). Lunch? I always m
  7. I use the Babyliss flat iron.. I haven't flat ironed the front of my hair in a couple months and the ends are still straight. When I use one time for 3-4 day my hair look like after blowout http://hairstylezz.com/best-brazilian-blowout-before-and-after/ Also everyday on my straightened hair : coconut oil on the ends, it's awsome and not greasy And not forget about heat-protectant spray, I recommend chi iron guard or IC Fantasia serum
  8. Do not get the glue-in ones if you want extensions as a solution to thin hair! I spent hundreds on getting them done and after just 2 weeks got them taken out as I could feel the strain they were having on my hair. After just 2 weeks my hair is noticably even thinner than it was before. I think if you have thick hair it's fine but if your hair is fine like mine then fusion extensions are sadly not the solution saying that I've never had problems with clip-ins I just find them a hassle and the concept a bit strange
  9. For the last 3 yrs or so, I've started having major lower back pains. This is due to a degenerative disk in my lumbar region. The pain would come and go. It could be triggered at the most random times. I could just be sitting in a chair and slightly twist to grab a piece of paper and boom....sharp PAIN in my lower back!!!! The pain typically lasts 3-7 days. This last month, I we nt to pick up an inversion table(the 7th day of my week long aggravated back pain). I've read a bunch of reviews http://jonsguide.org/best-top-teeter-hang-up-reviews/ and went with the Tweeter 550 table (their e
  10. For fat loss goals your priorities are:diet! diet! weight training! cardio (a distant 4th)! Best piece of equipment to lose stomach fat: vegetables.. Forget about snacks , drink beer only on weekends in reasonable quantities. Bottom line is that you're concentrating on the least important factor in achieving your goals. And unless you're willing to invest a amount of money for a home gym http://jonsguide.org/best-top-home-gym-equipment-reviews/ your best bet is to start off at a commercial gym. Saying you don't have time is an excuse. If it's not important enough then save yourself
  11. Nothing that this style of bob is low-maintenance only if you have straight hair. When my hair was shorter and bobbed I was always after it with a straightening iron and tons of product. I have fine, thick, wavy hair and life is infinitely easier when I did bob with balayage hairstylezz.com/best-asymmetrical-short-long-bob-hairstyles/2/ You and your hairdresser should figure out how to work with, not against, your natural hair texture stylecaster.com/beauty/7-ways-to-update-your-bob/ . My hair looks so much better now that I work with it, and don't use a lot of styling product or heated t
  12. I had the same experience. They look amazing when you first get them, they're gorgeous! But after a week or so and some start falling out, it turns clumpy and they look horrible, and you cant take them out yourself. By the time they do fall out/grow out, you're left with little of your own lashes left.
  13. Hi. found you topic. Feather Touch Tattoo gives you beautifully natural looking eyebrow .Looks so natural, no one knows how I had it done! The key to natural looking eyebrows is to not get greedy with it. My tattoo artist kept telling me… “I’ll do 80% so it looks natural, you have to draw in 20% if you want it to look perfectly done.” I couldn’t agree with her more. Contrary to what most people may think… a tattooed eyebrow shouldn’t look completed. Nobody’s eyebrows are naturally 100% perfect!
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