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  1. Thanks heaps girls it's reassuring. I have been looking into it. I just question everything a lot... Like what certification should a general plastic surgeon have? Live looked at both those surgeons and they seem good. oh my Mum is so against it... Loved both surgeons*
  2. How long does warranty last? A year? Isn't that CRAP. Don't most places offer lifetime on the implants? What if something happened within a year... I just have such a weird feeling about overseas and like the cosmetic institution in Aust faked they were plastic surgeons when they were cosmetic surgeon what if Thailand does that too. And it's not like you can sue over there apparently it's hard. I'm worried but I want it done!!
  3. Hey girls, just wondering. What kind of info did you look into? What are some things you should definitely know before going ahead with surgery? How long is warranty? I really want to go overseas and do this, but so worried.. How long did it take you girls to do your research and decide and book?
  4. No issues then? What do you suggest I look into? How long did you research before making a decision and booking?
  5. Thanks for your response I appreciate it. Which doctor did you go with? How long is the warranty? Infection worries me... What are things to you suggest researching before doing it? I've researched a fair bit.
  6. Hey girls. I do not want to slam overseas as I've seen many good reviews, but naturally I am worried to go overseas. What hospitals in Thailand and surgeons do you girls recommend? I'm so worried about infection or something going wrong. I have a weird feeling about Bangkok surgery?
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