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    breast augmentation
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    Dr Harwood 23/8/2012
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    height 166cm,weight 60.8 bra - 12A/B
  1. Im struggling to get bikini tops to fit, they don't fit properly underneath the breasts, so not sure where you shop/what type you should wear with implants, or maybe its just they are so stiff yet lol! but some of you girls going into the 440 + think you will be struggling to get them to fit! Any ideas anyone?
  2. Well done Alison! Hope your happy and have a good recovery! take care xx
  3. sandy77

    Brick Tits

    Jenjen, I am totally daring you to ask him lol! I wonder if he would keep a straight face psml!
  4. sandy77

    Brick Tits

    PSML same in my house, just waiting till the tight cleavage appears .......... soon please lol!
  5. Get well soon Platinum, thinking of you and hope your feeling a bit better by now xxx
  6. Good luck jenjen, fingers crossed you have an easy time of it and love the results xxxxx
  7. I would avoid lifting,hoovering, and wiping actions- walls/mirrors is pretty difficult and sore after a week, Im only now these things,(was hoovering 2 weeks post op, but on tiles as carpets was hard going) you will be struggling physically try scam 2/3 days with stomach bug! then be very very careful!
  8. congrats misscheree and platinum! x
  9. Hi Jenjen, I went with Dr's largest recommendation, and I love them!, (now fitting a 12 DD) glad i didn't go with the smaller size, I notice whilst shopping you get lots of choice in uplift/ padded bras up to a size D, so you can really dress them up for night out and be into the DD,s whereas not so much choice for the DD,s upwards, good luck with the op getting so excited for you now, hope you love them and have and easy speedy recovery x
  10. Well done oakley, glad to hear your recovering well! x
  11. Honey Birdette?? Ive bn in Oz 2 years never heard of it, just had a peak at website, OOOh lordy! Is sorta like ann summers but far more classy ? Wish i new about it when i was in Bris for op, going back christmas time, my credit card will be maxed!!!
  12. Yayh!! hope you love them, looking for to seeing pics of the new girls and the uggs on! Well done, and make the most of getting spoilt xx
  13. looks ok alison, better that nothing i would think
  14. It should be a good one (maternity usually is) Trust me Minimel your back will kill you after op in bed at nite, and there is nothing worse than sleepless nites and pain, you will be climbing walls 2am in morn, wishing you bought one, it will be the best $25 you can spend lol!
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