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  1. Carefix ones are so soft and comfortable compared to the Marena one my surgeon gave me. I bought the Anna one.
  2. Yep definitely did, I don't even know how its happened. I should take a pic and post it here but Im so embarrassed by it. I thought at first it was just the scar going a funny color but upon closer inspection its areolar color
  3. You must be so glad to be rid of the strap @MissJulie! Is your surgeon wanting you to drop more so you're to go braless? Im feeling very uneven and pretty blah this week. Still in loads of pain from my full lift (3 weeks today). Cant figure out if the left is still swollen or the right hasn't dropped at all but theyre very uneven at this stage. Im also devastated cause I have some old areolar color in my incision vertical line between the bottom crease and new areolar position. Its going to look so f***ed up when everything is healed to have some brown areolar on the wrong part of my boobs the huge areolar were my biggest insecurity pre surgery and 99% of the reason I did the full lift to be rid of them and left with nice small round ones. So Im still going to have to hide them from my man after all
  4. Glad you heard back from your Doctor. He sounds lovely!! Hope you start feeling better soon.
  5. Sternum pain can be totally normal, i had loads of it around the day 10 mark it was every time I moved at all. And swelling is normal there too but not sudden swelling Id think. Im still slightly swollen there at 18 days post op. But to be sure you should email your surgeon and ask with pics attached. Try some ice packs wedged under your bra to hold it against the sternum area it helped me a lot. Goodluck!!
  6. Yeah I had a lift also. Im really struggling with the pain still and so frustrated that its this sore still 18 days afterwards. My kids are getting equally frustrated with me not being able to do things for them after this many days. I have a 2.5 week check up with my doctor tomorrow will be good, Ive seen his nurse but not him for a through check yet. My left is concerning me now, its so sore when I move, cant bare to wear my post op bra, lift my arm, when i gently move my boob to try find if its any specific area thats painful it just hurts all over etc. It doesnt look worse (still yellow bruising under it) but feels so bad hopefully its nothing and its just from having to drive a manual car which is near impossible to do at the moment. They're also not dropping at all so I know i'll end up in a chest strap tomorrow it feels like theres no pocket for them to drop into as when i push on them at the top nothing moves at all? Do yours feel like they move much yet? Im thinking maybe after the lift its much stiffer less movement for longer?
  7. @Cuddlybear you're looking fantastic I think!! They're looking great for how many days post op you are (same as me). Im still bruised all yellow underneath my boobs, swollen around my sides, sternum and upper boobs, and super sore was hoping to be so much further ahead recovery wise by now. Try rest as much as you can while recovering.
  8. Hey @BAExcitement75 no my surgeon didn't mention that at all. He did say however if I don't look after them with good bras and support I can expect to sag again due to my skin elasticity being so bad after 3 pregnancies and major weight gain & loss over the years. I plan on always wearing a bra as these new boobs were some serious investments for me. I'll do everything I can to avoid them going back to how they were. Im sure in the future with the weight of the implants they'll droop again. I asked to go the biggest my breast width would allow and knew I wanted rounds to help be more perky again with upper pole fullness, something I never had. My surgeon was very happy to do that for me. Who's your doctor? I'll be adding more pics as I go, and once I learn how to add them to my personal gallery lol. Goodluck for your upcoming surgery!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I get so much pain between my boobs and around the sides if I try lay even on a slight angle Im still sleeping on multiple pillows propped up also. Hoping they'll settle a bit soon as Im so tired from not sleeping well.
  10. At the moment 16 days post op. Very weird, firm not yet soft and tight (muscles havent relaxed yet) but Im still happy I got it done. I know they can only feel better from here.
  11. Any ladies have a BL + BA? How many weeks post op did you start sleeping in any position other than you're back? Im so scared to roll over even slightly on my side 16 days post op. I feel like my implants are going to pull out sideways when i try even lean on a slight angle. Getting so sick of laying and sleeping on my back all the time.
  12. How many days post op are you @Bushlander? Looking really good!! You must be super happy with them
  13. 2 weeks post op today. Sitting very high still but here's my 420cc XHP rounds pic taken just now. Excuse the PJs lol.
  14. How long ago did you have your op @Emilyy? What did you done just BA?
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