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  1. Hello Cazbar, I just came across your profile while searching info on dr Dan Kennedy and notice you had consult for TT and BA last year however you went with Dr Harwood for BA . I am seeing Dr H very soon but really want TT also. Just wondering if you still have plans do TT and who you might use. Any info would be great :)

  2. Hi Miss Mel, I have 2 boys, a 14 year old and a 10 year old. I was really unsure what and how much to tell them. I had my BA on school holidays so they were going to know something was happening. My 14year old doesn't even approve of the girls wearing fake tan, so I was quite concerned about what he might think about fake boobs. My husband was able to help out by having a man to man conversation. He explained the changes after breast feeding and how it made me feel self conscious and sad and that I was having the procedure to be a balanced and normal shape rather than just to get really big boobs. I think he appreciated the male delivery and it removed any awkwardness that often plagues a teenage boy when talking about things like this. Mr 10 was a different story. He's a blabber mouth so he had to have limited info so as not to become a hot topic amongst his mates. We just told him I was feeling unwell and he needed to be careful around me for a few days as my general tummy area was a bit sore. Although not 100% specific, I think it was pretty close to the truth and appeased his concerns as well as putting him in a position of power to be able to help, which made both if us happy. Good luck with your procedure. You'll be so happy. Dr H is a magician
  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling low wantbbs!! It's not a nice feeling when you are uncertain of something you have changed about yourself and if you actually like it. I always felt like that after I cut my hair from long to short, I'd spend a day or two crying about it. Now I just leave it long to avoid 'cutters remorse'. I do realise a haircut is much less of a deal than a BA so I'm def not meaning to sound patronising:o xx I was freaking out that mine were going to be too big. We girlies are a very particular aren't we. My poor husband won't buy me anything anymore without pre-approval as I'm such a fuss pot! Day 2, I think (Can someone please tell me if the day of surgery is counted as day 1 or is today day 1 post op???) I am feeling very good at the moment. I had a restful night. Set the alarm every four hours to keep the pain meds up and put new ice packs in. Becca, I slept upright with about 8 various pillows. I have a couple of soft travel pillows (not the around the neck ones though but with the same soft bean filling) which make it nice to turn my head into. But the really big help is having a really large pillow or number of pillows under your knees to take all the pressure off your lower back. If you are able to manage side sleeping of some sort, make sure you have some nice big pillows to put between your knees. My sister in law is a physio so she was able to give me some great tips when I had my C Sections and I'm Just applying the same now. I'm very grateful not to have a new born baby to be getting up to though hehehe. I'm always a tummy sleeper so was quite skeptical on how much sleep I would have, but it worked a treat. Up and had a shower. One end of both my dressings had lifted so I needed to change them, but so far that's the only hiccup. Dr H girls, I have found a useful trick with my post op bra. (I bought a larger one for swelling days straight from Dr H $60, expensivish I know but so well worth it, in my opinion. The clinic actually pay $70 for them) Anyhoo, there are no seams in the sides between the liner and bra, which makes a very handy little pocket. I've been sliding my peas and icepacks in them and it's soooo much more comfortable than trying to keep them in place. The fabric is lovely and soft. Perhaps you know about this already and I'm just slow on the uptake, but thought it worth mentioning;) Good luck today Paintme xxxxx
  4. Haha icing like a mofo - love it!! Yup - he really is great :)

  5. yep, Icing like a mofo. Dr H said 10 mins on and 20 off - he clearly has never had implants. lol. I'm sooo happy with the size and shape - it feels so awesome to have my boobies back. In fact I think they are pretty much the same as before I had kids and I couldn't be more pleased. Dr H is such a nice nice man.

  6. They're looking great already - going to be amazing when they settle :D Rest up and keep those ice packs on - they're a life saver xx

  7. I'm all done as well!! Congrats Lexi44light. I'm so relieved it's over and at the moment I'm feeling really really great. I'm sure it's just the drugs though! I've posted up my before and afters!
  8. Thanks so much JenJen! I'm glad I'm out the other side now and hooley dooley I'm so impressed with them. I was worried they were going to be too big but I think they look just right. How are you goin?

  9. Good luck honey! xx

  10. Thank you paint me! Just in waiting room. Have been issued my survival pack and having a quiet internal meltdown! See you on the other side :-) xxxx
  11. Thanks Renkim. I have a suspicion I'll just be hanging out on the forum and "feeling the love" from all the gorgeous girlies on here. lol Brissiemum, maybe I should avoid answering the phone also, just in case I blurt out "hey, guess what? I've had a boob job this week, wanna see a pic". bahaha.... would be interesting to see the number of complaints/resignations that would come through... If I didn't like my job, it would be worth the entertainment.
  12. wantbbs your last post made me laugh out loud as I've spent the last 2 weeks practicing standing from sitting on the floor or getting out of bed without using any arm muscles so I can imagine how your abs and thighs are feeling. Just wondering if your head feels clear after the first day. I can log on to my work computer from home and can set myself up on the lounge with my laptop. Do you think I will be cognitively operational after a day or so to answer emails etc. I am HR Coordinator and have a number of new appointments that have been made who'll probably still need some hand holding and may be calling me. I just don't want to be a space cadet if I'm talking to them or answering procedural questions via email...then they'll have written proof hehe
  13. Thanks so much for that Sam03. Hopefully your experience is due to those factors and I may have a similar one. May be a huge up side of having saggy boobs. Hahaha. 15years of sag.... gotta love the silver lining when you see them x
  14. I think I'm going to sleep standing up!!
  15. Thanks wantbbs! I spoke to the clinic last week about pain management. Kim emailed me and told me to stop all upper body weights (was doing 2ce weekly) and replace with stretching, which I have done. He also said he finds girls with duel plain suffer less pain than the complete under the muscle. I am also wondering if girls with saggy skin and are "empty" from the joys of children/weight loss (both for me) have any advantage as the stretching is already done for them. lol I think I am now starting to sound desperate haha. xx:rolleyes:
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