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  1. This is the best I've tried and I had a sample of by terry lip balm..but this one is a lot better, in my opinion, I got mine as a gift..have been using it twice a day for 3 or 4 months now and I'm not out yet.. Also available from Mecca.
  2. D e


    I've had mine for almost 2 years now and love it, never had any problems and never once had thrush but used to get thrush in the past "before Mirena" every time I was on antibiotics. Since Mirena I haven't had thrush even the times I was on antibiotics, not even after my BA. Give it time ?
  3. No they don't like like they are bottoming out at all @Wandering Fairy ?
  4. D e

    Handbag help

    Mimco is bad quality in my opinion.
  5. Keep us updated pls, I think have the revision when you can afford to, and when u are ready to..if they aren't bothering u at this stage and they look good in bras and aren't causing u any pain, aches than it will be fine, and u will be able to get them redone and perfect one day again. ?
  6. @Cornflakegirl21 how's everything and have u had ur consult without Dr R yet?
  7. @Wandering Fairy can u post a photo front of your chest,
  8. @Archie29 I have never spoken to u before but just wanted to let u know I've had the exact same problem as u, I honestly think u should do "nothing" till u are 1 year post op. They will change a lot. I had a revision at 3 months post op, and so wish I had waited..mine had started changing and evening out but I went with a revision. If u want to talk pm me..
  9. I've heard their Lactic Acid is as good as Sunday Riley Good Genes which is around $150..Have u tried any of these @donatella yet and do you know who stocks it?
  10. http://www.sophisticatedpair.com/how-band-and-cup-sizes-work/
  11. @Cornflakegirl21 can u post a few more photos maybe, standing upright and also a photo taken sideways.
  12. If they haven't evened in the first 3 months they most probably will remain the same. By bottoming out, u do mean dropping right? Your post doesn't make sense sorry.
  13. I don't mean to worry u but I had the same happen with my surgery and had to have a revision. All good now ?
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