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  1. Hi i had my BA done about 6 weeks ago and i want to know when it is safe to go into a solarium ??
  2. How long does it take for your nipples to stop being sensitive ??
  3. Hi everyone i have now posted my before and after photos up. i am 20 years of age 46 kgs 160 cm all 315cc Brazillian tear drop Before 10B now 10D
  4. I will be posting photos up by Tuesday, once I can take the bandages off. So far they look great though add me as a friend and I'll send you some in a private message I'll send you some before and afters
  5. 20 years 160 cm 46kgs I was a 10B and went to a 10D 315 HP Brazilian tear drop, under the muscle with Kim harwood
  6. I would just like to explain my experience with Dr Kim Harwood, I had my BA on thursday with Dr harwood, and i can not speak highly enough of him and his staff. I was so pleased with his service. It has now been 2 days since i have had my operation, and i feel great i have very little pain. Dr Kim Harwood rang me the day after surgery to confirm everything was going well and made a follow u appointment. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of him.
  7. Hi I had my BA with dr harwood on Thursday I could not be more then happy with absolutely everything with him, he replied to all my emails before surgery he was lovely when it came to the first of surgery, he was so confortating and I just cannot speak HIGHLY ENOUGH, he was just unbelievable. I would go back to him any day for any further surgery.
  8. Okay so i am booked in on Thursday to get my BA, at the moment i am currently booked in to get a Brazillian high profile 315cc. I am currently a large B to a small C at the moment, could someone tell me if they think i will regret this size and if i should go bigger. I am only 160cm tall and 45 kgs.
  9. Hi everyone, so i am booked in on Thursday for my BA with Dr Harwood. Is there anything i should or shouldnt do before i go in for surgery ?? i am a little bit nervous and i want to make sure everything is perfect and that i have done everything i have to do.
  10. I only had my consult last week, and then after talking to Dr Harwood i didnt want to wait any longer, i originally wasnt getting them done untill mid september but the lady on reception knew how bad i wanted them because i am currently on holidays and i wanted them before i went back to uni and someone changed their date to a later date, so the lady on reception rang me yesterday and said i can get into theatre on thursday if i like I also had a consultation with Dr Scarlett in brisbane who is also good, but for some reason i felt alot more comfortable with Dr Harwood and i have seen so many more reviews about Dr Harwood over Dr Scarlett and i am saving $2500 by going with Dr Harwood. However Dr Scarlett is a good surgeon, i have seen his work and he works with the best in Australia, however my gut still told me Dr Harwood.
  11. Hi everyone, yes i am booked in for my BA on thursday with Dr Harwood and the implants are for free even in 10 years time when you want them replaced, the implants come for free, you only have to pay for the surgery. if that helps.
  12. Hi, i am booked in on Thursday for my BA with Dr Harwood, i can keep you updated with everything if you like ??
  13. I am booked in on thursday to have BA with Dr Harwood, i have heard NOTHING but GOOD reviews about him. So many people just rave about him, and so far i have just had a wonderful experience with the communication with him and his staff, always reply to my emails and answer my questions. So far i could not be any happier.
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