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  1. Thanks so much guys! The quote came to about $3,800 + a few other items, the whole thing will cost about $5,000. I also got a quote from the hospital to do it now outside of health cover and it would have been closer to $10,000. I will take some pics and post on the Q & A, I am so confused. The consultation cost $200 and I imagine each time I see a new surgeon it will be the same (I dont earn a great deal of money). My surgeon who did the original procedure is in Thailand ... yes I made the horrible mistake of going to Thailand to get it done - highly don't recommend it
  2. HI there, I was hoping to get some help, I have quite bad capsular contracture in one of my breasts. I have received one quote to get it replaced and have to wait a year for my health fund to kick in to be able to afford the operation. At the moment it is quite uncomfortable and very noticeable. I only had my breast augmentation operation 1 year ago. In the one year that I have to wait, will it get much worse? Can the implant explode or leak? I am very worried and my doctor has offered me very little to no help saying she cannot answer that question. Is there anything I can do to slow it down
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