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  1. Hey girls! So I'm almost 3 weeks post op, what the *****? Anyways I'm doing good, no more pain but my nipples are SUPER sensitive like intensely sensitive I can feel them through my post op bras and they feel so tender. And keep going hard and soft which I know is completely normal but omg they are so sensitive I can feel them 24/7 and it's driving me mad ps, dr M has done an amazing job! Everyone loves them but I don't like natural looking boobs, well on me anyways and they are very natural out of a bra but just big. So I'm pretty devo about that but once they are in a sport bra, top they look sooo good but yeah. When I'm laying on my back they look like rocks haha but walking around there a bit to natural for my liking but they are flawless anyway
  2. 16 days post op (had to use a filter as my old stretch marks are turning super pink, going to need laser. Damn pregnancy) Hey ladies, as I asked for a very close cleavage will it get better? Like it know it's close already but I want them closer!!
  3. Alright so say I went to my surgeon and said I want 200cc (surgery was only last week) would he do it? It does say revision surgery is free but gotta pay hospital fees. Or only if something's wrong?
  4. What is revision surgery? Is that if something goes wrong? I went 500cc but not happy with the size I want 650cc but don't know what to do it's killing me haha
  5. Aw damn! If I still lived in Perth I would come... Actually might be coming home on the 5th but not to sure yet
  6. Excuse the paleness I can't fake tan at the moment
  7. I've been taking laxatives! Every laxative known to man even the inserters? I did a few little ones yesterday but nothing impressive haha! So I stopped taking my meds 3 days ago, the endone valium and tramadol as like ive mentioned before I'm very sensitive to any medications and they really rock me. I had blurry vision the days after I would take my meds and I just hated being cloudy so I have been toughing it out but just taking my anti biotics BUT NOW the pain is so bad I've woken up and has to take a SL tramadol (slow release) I have the normal ones but they knock me out. So we'll see how this goes. I've been using bio oil mixed with rose hip and some of this gel stuff from the brand 'skinstitut' from Australia Skin Clinic for stretch marks as I'm petrified I'll gain more and I already have a few little ones from pregnancy Is it strange that day 2-3 the swelling was INTENSE then it settled and now today 1 week post off they feel fuller and bigger? Of course they get a different shape but wow today they feel really big. I did go through the 'I wish I went bigger phase' but I'm happy for now! Next year I'll go 200cc bigger haha! My surgeons thinks I'm crazy. Anyways I'm loving my boobs I'm loving everything about them and they look huge on me and super high. Obsessed with my post op bra's I don't even want to buy any different ones. HIGHLY recommend Dr Miroshnik, he's a dream and so amazing and hasn't done a bad BA ever! He listens and will do whatever you ask if it has the best outcome. Just trust him I didn't think my boobs could ever overcome how deflated and low they were without a lift and I'm amazed. Xxxxxx
  8. Hey girls! Sorry I haven't been on here for a few days. I'm back from Sydney and back in routine with my little family and running around after a 4 year old. IM STRUGGLING haha but coping. I'll update you what my boobs look like right now Ps I haven't pooped in over a week HAHA nothing is working and I'm eating like a horse
  9. Lower? I have chest and upper back pain and finding it hard to breathe if I haven't taken my medication. I can actually sleep with 2 pillows now and slightly on my side! First night was I didn't sleep much but last night was so much better I just kept waking up because I'm so excited
  10. @Hannabee92 hey babe, nope no extra. You get your own room at Bondi junction private hospital but not sure about where your going, you probably will. Dr M is amazingggggg, I can't believe what he's done to my boobs from having such deflated low breasts. Actual boob master 100% @dream it - live it what look are you wanting? Dr M was my surgeon too and I wanted the big fake high look and he gave me that. I went 500cc (495cc but it's considered as 500cc) and they are friggen huge! So if you don't want that an you want a more natural side I would suggest staying in the 330cc's range Just tell him what you want show him a photo and he will do exactly what you ask and if he can't achieve it he will tell you what else you can do but I guarantee he will be able to do whatever you ask he's so friggen amazing!!!
  11. Yes I've sent him heaps! And my whole family. They are so stoked for me my mum can't stop facetiming me haha
  12. @Happy Again that's so good! Thank you im Inlove with them!! So happy
  13. @MissJulie Hey honey this is the bra and the brand, it's sooo comfy you can adjust the straps so it pulls your boobies high, or lower. It's so comfy omg xx
  14. God I feel like a have an elephant stomping on my chest. Got 3 hours asleep last night endone is working for pain but not putting me to sleep. I'm taking my meds all on time so I don't feel really bad pain but it's still there. and when I lay down my back aches:( i need to call my surgeon and get something to help me sleep If anyone is staying in Bondi to get there boobies done, I highly recommend Hair by Jaxx, she's amazing! So down to earth and even came to my apartment at 5:45 this morning to redo my braids. Amazing!
  15. @Cuddlybear 495 teardrops under and high profile. Also my surgeon Dr Miroshnik supplied my bra, I got black and white and there really nice!!! Really flattering straps and can make it strapless. Really supportive!!! I'm over the moon. No more pain as in dosed up. Yay!
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