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  1. I'm 4 weeks post op, I got 315cc under the muscle, while they were even to begin with I've Noticed the past 2 weeks that my right has dropped more and looks a lot fuller/ projects a little more than my left, did any body else have this? Did it even out after a few weeks and some patience?
  2. Does anyone know what brand of implant "your breast" in Melbourne uses? I can't find the thread that mentioned it, just wanting to compare to the plastic surgeon im using
  3. I'm going with Simon rosenbaum in Malvern, he did my friends a few weeks ago and they look amazing!! He is a bit in the pricey side but has a special at the moment $10,990 for a straight forward augmentation. He's a lovely man though and was very understanding of what I wanted, I wear an 8B and because of my small BW of 11 I can only do a small implant (I'm going with 330 rounds under) but he gave me every option he could to get me as close to both the look and size that I want without looking ridiculous
  4. Kittenlover what was your BW? I've had 275's suggested to me and I feel like their no where near big enough, by BW is 11
  5. So my BW is 11, apparently that's small? I currently wear a 8b-10a and am 48kg's the options I've been given are 275cc tear drop over the muscle or 330cc round under the muscle what's going to best in terms of size +cleavage ?
  6. Thanks so much guys that's really helpful!
  7. Thanks guys! I ready somewhere that about 120cc was a cup size but I don't know how much truth it behind that
  8. I'm 163cm and 48kgs and currently an 8B/10A depending on the bra is anyone similar? How many cc's did you get and what cup size did you end up with? Thanks in advance!!
  9. @Yangi what size did you start as? I'm an 8b at the moment and I'm hoping for a d cup but their gallery a quite small and I'm wondering if they'll let me go that big?
  10. Has anyone else been through your breast? I have a consultation with them in a month
  11. Has anyone been through him? My friend had hers done by him last weekend and they look amazing! Just trying to figure out his average pricing, hers were 11,500
  12. Me again! sorry to bother everyone, TBI and TCI unfortunately have both been ruled out, are there any affordable plastic surgeons in Melbourne, my limits is 10k, specifically plastic as I have a pacemaker so cosmetic surgeons won't thought me much appreciated!
  13. Has anyone travelled interstate for the breast institute? A lovely lady informed me on here that there may be a cooling off period after the consultation and due to child care, cost etc I couldn't afford to fly up twice to the Gold Coast from Melbourne, Any interstate experiences?
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