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  1. I had my TT done with Steve Merten and can honestly say that I think he is a fantastic surgeon and has a great direct sense of humour.
  2. I think I did it with DH about 3 weeks after and yes I noticed things felt different and it does seem alot easier to climax (am a year and a bit past surgery now)
  3. Dog ears are quite common as a scar heals, and dont require a "revision" as such, just a ocal and a couple of stitches, I had one after my TT and it was fixed up a few months afterwards in the DR's rooms.
  4. I wouldnt want to be wearing them for a very long time that soon after.
  5. Id say for your age and height you should be eating around 1400-1600 cals a day to loose weight. A little light walking each day wouldnt hurt either I agree Hanniepie that you do need carbs to survive (and people that say they dont eat them obviously dont eat vegetables!) but I do understand monitoring the amound of carbs (or ensuring you get your carbs from fruit/vegies/wholegrains - rather than white processed crap) Good luck.
  6. I too was told 4-6 weeks, I did the whole 6 weeks then gradually reduced to nights then to nothing
  7. Ive sent you a FR so you can check out my pictures. Exercise PO started about 4 weeks after with gentle walking, 6weeks I attempted running again (took a couple of weeks to be able to comfortably run my normal runs again), full on stomach work i waited until 12 weeks to do and havent looked back. The difference my muscle repair has done for my abs and ability to do situps/hold planks/pushups etc is amazing! Good luck.
  8. Im 10 months PO now and still get occasional swelling though most of the time its if Ive eaten too much or something to salty, or done a few workouts on the same day (eg: running 6kms then yoga that night) its generally not noticable to anyone else, but I sure as hell still feel it !!
  9. Change one thing at a time, increase your water intake. Make deal with yourself, if you want to eat the cake/chocolate etc you must go for a walk/run first. Eventually you wont want the cake/chocolate when you are looking after yourself better. Make it a habit again
  10. Could you do them one of these (with their names/wedding date/venue/times and some words about love & marriage) http://www.tagxedo.com/ or http://www.wordle.net/ both you can customize easily, and put it in a nice frame - will only cost you a few dollars for the frame. Ive done this for various special birthdays & christenings before. Though i personally dont think you need to provided a gift when you are coming from so far away!
  11. Sam, i cant give you an opinion on your doctor as I didnt use him. The real pain itself didnt last that long, by day 3 i was on panadol only for pain relief. My lower back did get sore from being hunched over for the first 1-2 weeks, but a wheat bag helped provided relief. Depending on what you do for work 3 weeks off should be enough. I had 3 off, work in an office, the hardest thing I found when i got back to work was sitting still for longer periods of time, so I just made sure I got up regularly and wandered around. Im 9 months PO now and still have some areas of numbness, so that can take a long time to come back fully. I think i was about 3-4 weeks PO before I was comfortable sleeping on my side again, and a few months before I was comfortable enough to stretch out flat on my stomach. Time will fly.
  12. I had to google to find out what it was! Sounds interesting and if its not hurting anyone, then i say whatever floats your boat.
  13. I bring my lunch to work all the time, I cook alot of things from scratch (cause i enjoy cooking), buy larger packs and put into smaller quantites for kids snacks (lunchbox stuff), avoid shopping when hungry, use the library for books (which saves me a fortune as I read alot!), try and organise catch ups with friends at home or their place (taking turns), take my own preffered coffee in a travel cup when going to the kids sports (saves $4-5 a go), ask myself if I really need "insert item" here or do i just want it... seems to stop alot of unneccesary spending, buy clothing on sale (as I tend to buy things I love only rather than what is in "fashion"). Its the small things that seem to add up alot.
  14. YOur household will cope ok, do what the dr/nurses tell you and your will be fine ASAP.
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