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  1. pardon my ignorance but when I had a consult the surgeon said the biggest i could actually fit is 350c range. How come some people get told they can only have 350cc and others can have 1000cc?
  2. if cosmetic surgeons are so bad though how come surgoens like Dr Rastogi can charge $15k for a boobjob and he isnt even a plastic surgeon - so weird
  3. OMG lol pretty cool but if you can really run over an implant why do people still get ruptured silicone implants?
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here started out as a 'blank palette' for their breast augmentation and if they would kind enough to share with me their before and afters? I am a AA cup, completely flat chested. Did you get anatomical implants? I really want a natural result but big, if that makes sense.
  5. thanks so much for the responses. @JasminCraw I do know a few people who have seen Dr T but they all had nice boobs to begin with but me, I am starting with nothing and i just loved Dr Miroshnik's blank palette pictures he has on his website. It is reassuring that Dr M has so many happy patients on here but my Dad will not budge. My Dad works in the legal industry and he said that if the case was nothing then it wouldn't have settled. Apparently these things disappear and don't go to court because they settle out of court and they always have confidentiality clauses. Thats just my Dads opinion and trying to win an argument with a Dad who argues for a living is next to impossible. I personally think that is really crap if you ask me because how as prospective patients are we meant to do proper research if the serious stuff just disappears. My other option i guess is to get a job and save for the surgery myself but honestly, I am so self conscious about my non existent breasts that it gets me down and the thought of not having surgery this year makes me depressed. Anyway, does anyone have any other recommendations or experience with a fantastic surgeon and started out as a AA cup?
  6. HI laa, thank you so much for your response. I have booked a consultation for July - finding a surgeons is so hard
  7. HI Laa do you know how good Dr Tavakoli is with flat chested. I want a natural result
  8. Hi everyone, I really need some help with a surgeon in Sydney. My parents are paying for my breast augmentation as a 21st birthday present and i had my heart set on Dr Miroshnik. I had a consult and my mum came with me and we both really liked him. however, my dad being the over protective person he is googled him and one of the first things that comes up is a court case http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/liposuction-patient-sues-celebrity-plastic-surgeon-michael-miroshnik-20140813-103kul.html Now my Dad is accusing me of not doing my research properly and I cant help but feel he is using this as an excuse to delay my surgery. Anyway, thats a whole different story. Im looking for some advice on a plastic surgeon in Sydney. I really like the look of Dr Miroshnik patients and i really liked him when i met him. I am actually feeling a bit devastated by the whole thing. Please, can anyone share their recommendations and preferably results with me. I am flat as a surfboard now and wear a AA. I really liked the natural look that Dr M does but I guess his not an option now
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