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  1. I stayed in hospital overnight as it was highly recommended by my surgeon and the cost was included. So glad I stayed in hopsital overnight. Nice to have that break away from the kids too
  2. Responded to your PM He originally recommended 350cc moderate plus for me with 430cc high profile being the next size (he did say the 430cc may be a bit too big). So I thought about the sizes for a couple months and went back to retry the sizers and decided to go with 430cc as I rather come out big than too small. When I saw him at my 3mth post check up, he said I picked the perfect size and was really happy with the end result. I went from 10A to DD/E and to be honest, it doesn't look like I had augmentation done when I wear my pre op clothes which still fits
  3. Hi, I had my surgery in Dec last year and I highly recommend Dr Kollias. A lot of Adelaide women had him and are pleased with their results. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to message me
  4. Her surgery went very well and she’s happy with her results
  5. Hey, I have 3 kids and like you (and a lot of mothers out there), it has left my boobs looking deflated, saggy nipples etc. I highly recommend Dr J Kollias, as he’s a well respected surgeon and does a fantastic job.
  6. Hey @MellieMoo I had mine done with Dr Kollias in December 2018 and I recently had my follow up appt and he’s very happy with the results. I have kids so having it done here in Adelaide is convenient for me. It’s reassuring for me if I have any concerns etc, I can just see him at his office. I went with him based on everyone’s positive experience and I don’t regret my surgery with him at all! He’s a very well respected surgeon, so I wouldn’t rule him out. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to send me a private message. Good luck
  7. Hey I had Dr Kollias and I’m nearly 3mth post op already! I have 430cc high profile teardrop. He recommended 350cc moderate plus but I didn’t want to risk being disappointed with the size so I went the 430cc. I have 3 kids, was a 10A and I’m now a 10DD / 10E and very happy with the size! I’ve been small chested all my life and having kids made it worse lol. Best decision I made! I highly recommend Dr Kollias 100%. He didn’t recommend rounds because it would make my nipples face downwards due to my nipple position and if I wanted rounds, my nipples would need to be altered and I did
  8. @Chook81 Hey chook, all is well. I'm nearly 8wks post op already! Just trying not to look at them much as analysing them is messing with my head. ? I haven't slept on my side yet, too paranoid that it'll shift my teardrop implant. So I've been putting up with the back aches every night. Have been going in the pool lately but I don't feel confident to swim, too paranoid AGAIN. Feels kinda weird submerging my boobs underwater too, hard to describe. Overall I'm happy but not as happy as I should be lol
  9. @Frankie* Yep that’s morning boob! When I wake up, I firmly hold my breasts when I get out of bed as it feels somewhat a relief until the feeling goes away lol
  10. Haha yep! Found a Roxy (tie up neck and back) in size 12, pre op I was an 8 and padded ?
  11. Curiosity killed the cat. Got a bra fitting today and measured 10DD. I’ll try again in a months time. ? I did buy a couple lacy wire-free bralettes in a size 10, so hopefully they’ll still fit when my boobs drop and fluff. Should do because the lace is stretchy anyway ?
  12. @Frankie* Haha yeah but I fit a 10 in bralette style bras / chemises. I got fitted today and measured 10DD from a 10B! ? Just a normal top or a wirefree bra? I was told for best results to wear the post op bra for 3mths and that’s what I’ll do. Even after that, I’ll wear it while I work for support.
  13. @Frankie* Oh that’s good to hear! Yeah drains aren’t pleasant but it’s amazing what comes out of you though. ? I took it easy in the first week but was back to my house duties in the second week. Can’t lift anything over 5kgs for the first 6wks, so keep that in mind. Yep I’m doing well thanks! I’m so happy I’ve done this, don’t regret it at all! ? I got a new bikini top the other day (tie up around the neck & back). Pre op I was an 8 and wore padded bikinis but now I’m a 12 without the padding! ?
  14. Looking fantastic @Frankie*!! ? Hope you’re doing well ?
  15. @Frankie* Goodluck for tomorrow! Let us know how you go ?
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