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  1. JD*

    12 month boobie birthday!!

    Happy 12mth boobie birthday!! 🥰 Wow the scars are non existent! What’s your secret 😆 I forgot to ask my surgeon when I can start applying scar treatment.
  2. @Tori14 I didn't do the dishes in the first week but what craps me the most is despite having a dishwasher, everyone still places their dishes next to the sink when it's better if you stack them in the dishwasher! But hey, that's my job to put them n there grr. But yeah, I reallllly feel your pain lol Haha I just use sticky tape, make a loop and stick it on the back of my phone and stick to the wall 😂
  3. @Tori14 My partner is the same! I swear I’ve done more around the house in the second week and it bothers me because I shouldn’t have to. But I can’t stand untidiness. Haha vacuuming and dishes makes a big difference to the house hey! 😄 I just saw your pics and commented on it, you must be super happy! The end result is going to look great! 😀 I’ve lost count how many times I looked in that thread haha! I’ll be sure to upload a pic in a week or two. Will be hard with the kids being home as I get my partner to do it 😅 Might have to stick my phone to the wall and do a selfie lol
  4. @Tori14 I know, can’t believe it myself haha! After the first week, I was able to do more around the house as the state was driving me nuts. Yep I still do occasionally get the stabby muscle like pains from making certain movements. For you, I would definitely take it easy in the first few days! It’ll get better as the days go on with doing normal activity. I struggled in the first few days from using the toilet but it got easier and easier. 😅 Itll happen all in good time with your boobs, still very early days I had mild asymmetry pre op but still got the same size implants. So of course I don’t expect my boobs to look perfectly the same. To be honest, I don’t look at my boobs much. I don’t want to over analyse and stress even more as I’m trying to control my stress with other things. Did you take pre op pics too? That certainly helps! Can’t wait to see your progress if you’re happy to share 😊 I took a pic early this week but no different to the one I posted, so I’ll wait another week or two.
  5. @Tori14 Do let us know what size you got 😊 Great to hear how happy you are with them! I hardly look and touch mine, too much going on in my head with everything else. I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 2wk follow up appt and he said the incisions were smack bang on the crease, so he was happy with that and it’s healing up fine. He put a small tape over the incision which I can remove from 7 days but two weeks at the most, so I’ll leave it on for two weeks. He said for best results to wear the post op bra for 3mths but I was going to do that anyway. I want the best outcome.
  6. Congrats on the new boobies @Bettyboo15 @Tori14! 😃 Bettyboo, I never bothered with ice packs etc. Is yours under the muscle? You just had surgery so give it time. Mine wasn’t too bad but I think having drains helped. Tori14, aww hun better late than never! I bet they look fab👌🏻 @AS1 Again Goodluck for tomorrow chickie! Not long now @Chook81 @Frankie* 😃💖 Wow I can’t believe how quick the list is going down, December is definitely popular 😆
  7. @AS1 Haha surprisingly I slept fine and felt fine until I walked towards the operating bed 😅 Goodluck @AllyT 😀
  8. @DiamondC Your boobs are amazing! There’s hardly a gap between those bazookas! 😂 You must be super stoked 😃
  9. @AS1 Not long now hun Can't wait to hear alllllll about it!! 😃
  10. @The_bright_side That’s good! I woke up with a sore back this morning, ugh can’t win 😣 Inwas alright the last 3 nights. It’s going to be a tough month ahead with this sleeping position
  11. @The_bright_side I’m a side sleeper too and struggled in the first few days as I ended up with a back and butt ache. In the last few nights, I slept more reclined on my back which is much better for my back / butt and slept better too.
  12. My partner took two weeks off. I’m 8 days post op and was fine getting in and out of bed for the first couple days after surgery, just took it easy with my movement that’s all. From then on, it got a lot easier. ☺️ I didn’t need my partner’s assistance physically, except for helping me remove the marks from my upper arms from surgery..that was it. He just deals with the kids, household and preparing food etc
  13. @The_bright_side Sounds normal to me, I didn’t experience pain..just discomfort which is completely tolerable 😁 Remaining dates for Dec.. AllyT - 12th December Bettyboo15 - 13th December Tori14 - 14th December AS1 - 15th December (Dr K) Chook81 - 18th December  Frankie* - 23rd December 
  14. Good luck hun, you’re in great hands! @The_bright_side 😃
  15. Thanks Tori! Yep and it has been a breeze! Not what I expected, hasn’t been that tough and no emotional episodes either. I’m feeling good, just a sore back from being on my back all week but otherwise fine. 😊 Haha yeah it’s sad how quickly the money disappears from your bank account after paying everything! Omg I had a dream the other night that I had surgery and woke up to my pre op breasts still! So when I woke up from my dream, I felt my chest and sighed with relief 🤣🤣 Not long now for you! Can’t believe how short the list is now 😁 You won’t regret it! This is the best decision I’ve made