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  1. I had my surgery with them at Stonnington two weeks ago with Natalir Ngan. She was beyond amazing and I am thrilled with my results. Only had Panadol after day 2 and feel great now. Would highly recommend them and the team at Stonnington who were fab.
  2. Hi all For those who have had their surgery, wondering if there are any tips about particular clothes you found comfy/easy to wear post surgery. While I don't really want to have to buy new things before surgery, just want to make sure I have things on hand that are easy to dress in. My surgery is local so no travel required if that helps. Thanks in anticipation
  3. I didn't seem him but saw Natalie Ngan who works with him and she was amazing. Am booked with her in three weeks.
  4. Ah wow. I am based in Geelong and Niamh has an amazing reputation here but isn't operating at the moment. Natalie has taken over Niamh's practice down here
  5. Hi Kannc, seeing Natalie Ngan so far super impressed!
  6. Hi all Wondering if anyone has had their surgery done at Stonnington Day Surgery? It's one of two places the surgeon I prefer works at and I don't know anything about it so am keen to her people's thoughts thanks!
  7. I have a chest wall assymetry and been recommended different size implants to make it less obvious. It's only about 50cc different but enough to make them look even, when it's actually my chest that's out of whack. I havrnt decided yet but it was the advice I received and I was quoted a Medicare rebate for one side to remedy the assymetry
  8. Hi Nessa1977 - Niamh is having some time off but Natalie Ngan is working at her rooms in Geelong. I have an appt with her in 3 weeks time. I've seen Richard too, will report back after my appr with Natalie
  9. Hi SACER thanks for the reply. She is a plastic surgeon and works at YourBreast as well as consults in Geelong. She has come highly recommended so thought it was worth seeing her on that and a second opinion. Richard was lovely too, just waiting for his quote!
  10. Anyone with any comment on her? I've also seen Richard Rahdon but am booked with her for a second opinion
  11. Hi there Wondering if anyone has any reviews on Natalie Ngan in Melbourne? I can't find her on here with any reviews, but she has been recommended to me by someone in the industry. Appreciate any advice Thanks
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