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  1. I'm two years post op with Dr Richardson - couldn't fault anything.
  2. I had a 4 year old and a 16 month old. My husband took the day of my surgery off and that was all he could have because we had just been on a holiday so his leave was all used - the timing of that holiday had to do with his parents, and I had to move my surgery that I had already tentatively booked. My parents in law usually look after our kids 3 days a fortnight and my mum 1 day a fortnight. I ended up having to tell them all for one reason or another that I was having some extra time off - so naturally they were like, ok, so you don't need us to look after the kids for the next 3 weeks. My husband took my youngest to daycare on the Tuesdays, but I still had the oldest, and they were both at daycare on Thursdays and Fridays, but other than that, I had them. It was really hard. My youngest is very much a mummy's boy and it was really hard not being abe to pick him up. On the days I ended up at home by myself with them both I had him sleep in his brothers bed during the day if he needed to sleep- which he could climb into himself. My husband did the groceries and there was not cleaning happening at all. I didn't lift at all until 3 weeks and then it was just lifting from a height down, and more using my legs than my upper body, and only if I couldn't avoid it. I had my oldest help get his brother out of the cot in the morning and in and out of the bath at night. In the end, my youngest formed more of a bond with Daddy because I couldn't do much for him, and that was really nice
  3. @Madsamuffin, they look awesome! @maybenewboobies It's this one from Kmart - there are a few colours. I've only worn it sparingly so far (while I'm washing my post op bra) and if I have it on for too long I can tell I need to get it off as it starts to hurt where it sits across my cleavage - it's not tight, it's just I'm still a bit sensative. I can tell though that once 6 weeks post op rolls around, it will be one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn...and I can't believe I have cleavage in a barely padded no underwired crop ? http://www.kmart.com.au/product/wirefree-seamfree-padded-crop-bra/1098011
  4. 2 weeks post op. I'm really not enjoying my post op bra. I try to wear it as much as I can but after a few hours it feels like everything is burning and it cuts in underneath. Another month can't come soon enough in that regard
  5. @Milfy wannabe, where is that top bralette from? Soooo pretty ?
  6. I've heard it's good to strengthen your abs pre op. Trust me, they come in handy when you can't use your chest muscles properly. If you're someone who is motivated and has space at home, I've had really good results with a girl called Cassey Ho who runs a YouTube channel called blogilates. She uploads videos and does a free workout plan each month which lists which of her videos to do each day. I got 6 pack abs doing that after I had my first baby. It toned me all over though - I'd always been skinny, but never toned. She also has a paid program called PIIT which is absolutely awesome - it works! She does have 4 or 5 free PIIT videos on YouTube too - I did those for months before buying the program in a 50% off sale. My husband said he thinks I look better than ever doing that - slim and curvy - not skin and bones anymore. If you're someone who won't do it if you're at home ie. I really need to do the washing/clean the house/cook meals for next week, before I can take time for me to exercise, it might not work for you. I have aver read you should not overly build up your chest muscles too close to surgery as it can mean it takes much longer to drop
  7. I think yours are awesome @Suzie 8f. I do understand boob greed is real though. I can't imagine I'll get it because I only ever wanted to fill out a bra, but I do get it. Maybe you could just go with that other idea - revision after another baby ;). So so far I can't fault the service from Doctor Richardson's office - they are so lovely - one of the nurses and one of the receptionists, incredibly so. It must be so annoying @misstons to feel like your just a number
  8. I agree with cotton on re having nice stuff. When shopping with my size 8 naturally a D cup sister, I was always so jealous of the pretty stuff she picked up for less than $10 from cotton on - I can't wait! I haven't got any play boy bras - again I just admired because they don't look awesome under clothes on someone with as much boob as a 12 year old boy - but, I do have a pair of panties that I've had for the past 5 years, worn at least once a week and not washed on gentle cycle or in a laundry bag, and they are only now just starting to wear a little - awesome quality, and pretty to boot
  9. Yes - they are Nagor moderate smooth rounds. So far they look like they are healing evenly. I was less than an A to start with. Before breastfeeding I had no lower pole at all - like no outline of one, after I had slightly deflated less than As. There was slight asymmetry - I got 330/300 - this is my preop vectra - as you can see - almost blank pallet - I could barely fill an A even when breast feeding - maybe a small B when really engorged with my first
  10. I'm 163cm and 52kg and was pretty much a blank pallet. I wanted natural looking and since my BWM is 12, mu surgeon suggested mods - I have 1 300 and 1 330 for slight assymetry. I said I didn't want to have to wear bigger than a D cup - most of the girls here will tell you that augmented breasts measure differently - for example if you measure a D cup, you might actually look like a C cup. Originally I didn't want to wear bigger than a C - so I may only have looked a B, but my surgeon and this forum helped me focus on how I wanted to look rather than cup size - I wanted to just look the same in clothes without wearing majorly padded bras. I was just scared of having issues finding pretty D cup bras. I'm only 6DPO, but it looks like after swelling goes down and a bit of dropping and fluffing happens, they'll be the right size for me. My surgeon said I could have gone up to 390 max in HP, but I didn't want too much projection.
  11. Hi Everyone, Baby Shower went ok. I seriously considered having mu husband drop off my cupcakes and pre-prepared games and saying sorry - can't go - too sick. When the anaesthetist went through all the drugs Dr Richardson had put in my little goody bag, he did warn me that being quite petite, panadeine forte may make me nauseous - well that kicked in yesterday morning, and I haven't touched a panadeine forte since - just panadol for me. I never filled the endone and celebrex prescriptions because the day after my surgery was a public holiday where I am, and now I think it almost wouldn't be worth it. It was a long time standing upright at the shower and I had to make a big effort not to hunch over - it is still hard to stand up straight. My one saving grace was that because I had my earring holes fixed at the same time, and my ears are all bandaged up, it was sort of like a cover - oh - that's why she's not feeling well. Had to ask my husband to pull over on the way home so I could vomit - fun times. I basically slept all afternoon once we got home and had to take a valium because everything felt really tight, but I was feeling much better last night. I have so much sternum swelling - it's still like monoboob and also really puffy swelling around where my post op crop bra sits - like half an inch thick of swelling from the bottom of my boobs under my arms, all the way around to my back. I;m considering leaving it off today for a bit to see if that helps. Because I have mods, they weren't like sitting up to my collar bone or anything, but they are starting to move downwards just a bit, or some of the swelling going away is letting them sit lower, one or the other Patience, patience hahah
  12. How do you hide really wide swollen post op boobies under clothing when you are a size 6-8 ?
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