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  1. Hmmm maybe I should ask about the strap. I'm still wearing my compression bra day/night. Yeah I thought I got a lift in the end after seeing the incision but when I asked she said I didn't :-/ Surgeon was Dr Julie Lawrence in Adelaide - she said the size of my implant I wouldn't need one :-/ I went from a deflated C but I haven't been fitted since the surgery so not 100% sure yet. I got 410cc under the muscle! I have under the muscles! :-)
  2. I feel like they're almost sagging again already? And I'm worried about how my nipples face down? I'm not sure if they're normal for 3 weeks post op and I'm being paranoid. I'm extremely scared I'm going to be unhappy with them ?
  3. How soon after surgery did your breasts drop? Do they keep dropping? I'm 3 weeks post surgery and they've already dropped heaps to the point I regret my surgery and feel like they are just as ugly and saggy as before (I requested a lift but surgeon didn't do it.) I'm extremely worried they're going to keep dropping.
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