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  1. Thanks Subtle and Discreet - I had just logged on to message Discrete (the original poster above) to try and find the full story as I had only read through the edited version, so you saved me that time. Does anyone know of any PS in Brisbane area who prefer Overs?
  2. Thanks Jugs, I had seen that one, but was a bit hard to follow what the actual problem was or what actions were taken to rectify. Donated she operates at Canossa Private Hospital in Oxley. (edit - sorry silly auto correct - Donated is meant to be Donatella)
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to make a decision on my boobs and am leaning towards overs, but two surgeons I've seen recommend under. If you have overs, are you happy with them? Do they look natural(ish), do you have any issues with CC? The third I saw was Dr Konrat - I've searched a few post here on her, but there's scant info. If you used her (or not) please give me the details and your feedback. Thanks Heaps!
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