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  1. I am going to him after i done my procedures in s . Korea.
  2. A friend of mine took out her chin implant and replace with coral extract filler. Its very natural,long term compared to other fillers in the market and no complication allergic reactions. Check out Dr Bryan Mendelson in melb. She got fantastic result done by dr. Mendelson.
  3. Wow there are a lot of procedures. You done all in one trip? What's the name of the clinic, may i ask? And if you don't mind would really like to know the doctor too. i just booked for my surgery with dream. So excited!
  4. 2shea, I found my peace when I stop FB-ing..... I don't look at FB memes either.... and my fb hide/unfollow works wonder too.....
  5. My sentiments exactly! Totally agree with Kelfo. Hahahaha....BreastDressed, love you "You're just jealous because you're fat and ugly." I can relate to you since I have been always skinny, I ate like a horse but my weight always lingered in btw 44.5 - 45.5kg, well at least until before I got the damn Grave Disease. And....always have some bloody green eye monsters eyeing on me and led out some sacarstic comments like..... "Why don't you finish the left over since you eat like a horse but never gain weight" or "Girl, you must have worms." and blablabla...... I was furious and annoyed now I just laugh at them. Seems like regardless one is fat or skinny, one thing for sure, you just can't stop people behave like an judgemental arse! Why let them upset you...they are the pittiful bitter people, why let them? IMHO, the reason people judge because they are insecure and have low self esteem. Instead of dealing with their own insecurities, they chose to talk down to people and make others feel awful as themselve.
  6. I lost my muffin top by having small dinner and no foods before sleep. If I felt hungry when I go to sleep...it usually told me, my tummy will get smaller the next morning. After a week or two, I got my flat tummy back. Another method that works for me is I only have 3 meals with small dinner and no snacks, no sugary drinks in btw of meals...that worked for me too.
  7. Not all that spoken against VACCINATIONS are STAY-AT-HOME-MUMS.... Please have a read at International Medical Council on Vaccination http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/about/ : The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an association of medical doctors, registered nurses and other qualified medical professionals whose purpose is to counter the messages asserted by pharmaceutical companies, the government and medical agencies that vaccines are safe, effective and harmless. Our conclusions have been reached individually by each member of the Council, after thousands of hours of personal research, study and observation. A Real Life story: Autistic Child Fully Recovered - August 8, 2009 I took our daughter, Sophia Jasmine Binte Zulkarnain, at age 8 on the 7th July, 2007, to see Dr. Chan. She was autistic. When Dr Chan asked me whether our daughter was vaccinated, I proudly told him that she was fully vaccinated. I was shocked when he told me that vaccines can cause autism. Our daughter was already speaking a few words when she was 8 months old. When she was 1 year old, after her vaccination in the morning, she had high fever from that afternoon onward till the next day. Suddenly I noticed that she was very quiet & stopped talking altogether. For 1 whole year we hardly hear her speak. She also lost her eye contact with us. She was then very very slow in learning anything especially words. Whenever she couldn't express herself, she became very frustrated & would scream. She used to gesture with her hands whenever she wanted to tell us something. Every few weeks she would learn only a word or two. Often she kept repeating phrases & talked to herself, in her own world. In school at age 7, she lagged behind in studies. Her position in class was always not encouraging. She was often bullied by her classmates who didn’t understand her problem. After 4 months into Dr. Chan’s Vaccine Detoxification programme, she started asking me questions for the first time, questions like WHY?, HOW?, WHERE? WHAT? & etc. Whenever she talks to me now, she would look into my eyes. Thank God, finally we have our daughter back into our world. Now at age 10, she managed to get number 8th position in class, albeit the last class. Now she has friends & she talks like any other child. We are happy we found Dr. Chan through our close friend, Ms. Lilia, who was also a patient of Dr. Chan. Puan Nadia, Mother of Sophia Selangor, Malaysia (Didn't mean to bold the rest of the comment.... just couldn't unbold for some reason.)
  8. I got to agree with Dee envy, it's really a matter of each to their own.... As long as you do all your research and at the end of the day you still happy and confident with your choice, it's realy nobody business. Although we can voice our concern that's because we care but the final decision is not ours to make. I personally won't go to Thailand for any surgeries, I would prefer Australia due to the tight regulations but there are still lots of malpractise and I have read lots of scary reviews by patient like one in Sydney, her surgeon opened her incision again in his consultation room without anesthetic. A bit more info, she got a boob job. Another Melbourne surgeon had deformed a woman's boobs and tried to shove her money to silent her! That made an national headline years ago, remember? For those who decided to go to Thailand, you have my blessing but please do your research well at least google the name of the surgeon and see what comes up. Stiletto, I assumed you are getting yours done in Australia, good luck with your surgery I only wish you the best in the world. I hope you don't get offended, I don't think the girls here misinterprete your post, when you talk about stuffs like that...you are expecting difference responses included some disagreements from the girls.
  9. kp, I already fallen in love with it. I bookmarked it, I inboxed it and I sent the link DH, so that I will never lost the link........ After I read the thing, the first thing came into my mind was...oh great...will save lots of time to chop the fruits and vegs for my parrots in the future. Hahahaha..... Without knowing it/intended to...Ali has given a big help!! Will let my fids know too...
  10. Wow, just back from the thermomix website. It's absolutely a fantastic piece of equipment! Do my Parrot Chop in the future...no problem!! Make my own frsh pasta....piece of cake. Wow...definitely want one!!! Thanks Alioop!! ABSOLUTELY Love this s***!!!
  11. Oh..inde. You are so sweet..... your words truly warmed my heart, I suppose it's always nice to know somebody being missing you. Now I feel bad because I have been MIA for long time and didn't give you enough supports from my side. I am sorry for that hun.....thank goodness, there are lots of lovely ladies here that been so nice and supportive......so I know you are not alone....... I felt like you know....I don't even have a date for my BA yet but been giving comments, hang around here everyday. I feel I am so silly to even talk about BA here. And now, I have a second thought..it has been a while just never start a thread about it in the forum. BA is the fastest method to have big boobs but if I go with the alternative method, I have a chance to grow my boobs...I mean real natural boobs of my own. The downside is it's slow and will only give me 1cup per month although some had archived 2cup a month so really depends on individual. So...I am like quick way....have boobs with implants. Or go through the treatment for at least three months to have my desire cup size which is a at least a D. That's why I don't understand the other girl that abusing everybody for not being up to her expectation. I don't need opinions in the alternative treatment so I don't ask, don't talk about it. I am just in dillemma at the momment..... You take care hun. Hopefully, I will hear a good news from you very soon but don't stress....it's will happen sooner or later.
  12. Ah... what a sad character,, hey? Sounds like she is just a pathetic attention seeker + spoilt brat with a childish mindset + rude & cruel characters all in one package. Nobody has time for people like that, best forget about her. Sooner or later she will pull the same "tricks" on the wrong person and then she will get a real lesson. Not that I wish on that happen to her or "curse" her....but I believe it's her characters that will become her downfall oneday...hopefully she will her lesson by then. Honey, there are quite a number of women had miscarriaged....their first pregnancy, my sister is one of them. Now her two daughters are about to go to Uni but you really need to sort out your emotional state, hun.....get your body ready for next baby. You have all my blessings, Inde. xoxo!!
  13. Okay, my comment to tell her to leave the forum if she didn't like or find it not helpful...have been deleted by the moderator.... My turn to SULK and POUT and yell at everybody now!!! How dare you delete my comment????!!!!!! Ladies, what was really happening? I didn't see her post that was threatening inde?? Why she pick on inde and especailly inde?? I wish I got her viciousness though.... I been bashed in a discussion group lately.
  14. Are you alright, inde?? I have been away untill yesterday...... Was the Angie upset you or insulted you?? I just read her post and tell her to leave. I absolutely don't understand what was she complaint about. If she wasn't happy with the forum, just leave...there are plenty of plastic surgery forums that she can join. So how are you, hun??? I am not active here for some time...need to catch up.
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