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    Implant 330cc teardrop moderate-plus profile (Subfascial placement). Explanted 2 years later 😢due to rapidly declining health from implants.
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    Dr Cooter: 16th Nov 2016 (implant), 18th Dec 2018 (explant)
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    167cm, 55kg, 10B to 10D (implant).

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  1. Hi @Rarrar087, i was basically a 10A cup to a D cup. Hadn't breast fed so my skin/boobs were tight, and took time to relax.
  2. Hi @Melany, any idea what type/brand she had and what her symptoms were or how she knew something wasn't right?
  3. Looking fabulous already!! they are going to settle nicely!
  4. Wowww! That's so exciting!!! Yeah i bet they will look Amazing!!!! Definitely nice to have overs from a recovery perspective! .. hmm gym.. tbh i cant remember but it was after the 6wks of wearing the post-op bra (burnside lingerie).. i took it easy as i had an injury, So was kinda handy that the injury and BA recovery happened at the same time! Haha. But its all totally fine now, i can do whatever exercise, no restrictions, and i love that! Keep in touch about how you're going! X
  5. Ohhhh yayyy!! Congratulations!! You definitely made a great choice in going with Dr Cooter. What are your stats and what did you get? I trusted him completely and told him the lifestyle i have and showed him photos of what i liked. I'm so happy with the result! Not too big and not too small. I'd love to keep up with your progress!
  6. Hi Bonny6, Yes mine were lowered - i was nervous about the idea at first, but it was perfectly fine for me. I wouldnt know by looking at them at all.
  7. Hi there, You may have already chosen by now, but i have 330cc, subfacial... (D cup on me). I'm 7mths post op and run with one "no bounce" sports bra (more like a tight crop top actually). Its absolutely comfortable and fine!
  8. Hi @Mumof3boys.. I'm quite similar to @Summerholiday in stats but went subfascial. Mod plus projection, 330cc teardrop turned out better than i could have hoped for!
  9. As it happened i had an appointment with my adelaide surgeon Before this story broke... he actually told me the story was coming out and not to worry when i heard it as i dont have that brand/type of textured implant. What a thoughtful thing for him to say! You probably dont have anything to worry about either - but if you're worried definitely call the clinic.
  10. Oh thanks! Yes i left the size up to the surgeon after telling him i was active and wanted to remain that way, so i wanted a generous size but could still love my life style .. i think he was spot on! I was very flat before, but had enough tissue to have have subfascials (which i wanted!). I was about 10B / 12A before (about 12cm breast width), had 330CC mod-plus teardrops, and I'm now 10D (or so)
  11. I went with subfascial, and they have expanded as my skin stretched and have dropped and settled into place more.. still changing I'd say too. I'm nearly 9weeks post-op
  12. Pre-op (top), 1 week (middle), 6 weeks (bottom)... 330cc subfascial
  13. Hi @Sarosate, Just wondering what alerted you to the rotation? How are you going with it?
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