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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm just looking for recent reviews for Tony Connell please. I had a consult and i am pretty happy with him and felt comfortable with him. I have had 2 botched surgeries from another surgeon previously but then i received the estimate :-( . I'm looking to see if the costs justify his work. Would love to know what you paid and were you really happy with everything. Thanks heaps
  2. Hi Girlygirl, not sure if youre still on here but can i ask you to pm me who you used as im about to have my 2nd revision so thats 3 surgeries for me :-(
  3. Hi Everyone I need to have my current implants removed and replaced and another lift done, can anyone please give me their experience with DR Mark Lee and if anyone has had this done i'd love to hear from you to see if you were happy with his work. Many Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply but no he is a cosmetic surgeon :-) I know that for sure and know he operates all week. I have used him before but need a revision and would like people's recent experiences with him :-)
  5. HI Id love to hear anyone's experience with Cary Kailis for breast Aug and lift. I know he is a cosmetic surgeon so i'd love to hear good and bad experiences please. Id love to hear how your lift turned out and how his work was. Thanks :-)
  6. Hi has anyone used Dr Cary Kailis for a breast lift? I've already had 2 surgeries with him but need another one due to capsular contraction. And am thinkin of another lift. Would love to talk to anyone who has used him recently. thanks
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