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  1. Telling you to chill out? ... I don’t see why you are so wound up about different views. Making your trolling too easy? Very sad
  2. Omg jog on now geez. Relax it’s friday night!
  3. No i can’t. I’m not the one losing my ***** over someone else having another view. I’m calm and collected and stayed respectful this whole time.
  4. Omg clam down! You’re going to pop an artery! So much angst in one person ? let’s just show some respect for all views/opinions (that’s if you’re capable)
  5. Wow you’re a very angry and negative person! I wish you all the best, looks like you need it!
  6. Me with underlining issues?.... your the angry one with issues here. Calling people name and being nasty. I’m happy ?
  7. Then stop bossy me about telling me to move on.
  8. Where did I insult? I just pulled up someone for acting like a bully that’s it.
  9. How am I a hypocrite? Read through the thread I didn’t say you said it your buddy did, to some other girls. I just don’t like seeing this behaviour to other women when we should be supporting each other.
  10. I’m not a soft petal. Being rude isn’t having a different opinion. It’s shutting others down.
  11. I actually said this! I agree everyone can comment. So why are women saying don’t comment and their opinions are misinformation? Doesn’t hurt to be nice luv
  12. What has being on this forum for 5 year got to do with it? I don’t have a problem with different opinions, I welcome them. People commenting that others opinions are wrong, misinformation, saying they shouldn’t be commenting and laughing at people is being catty, plain and simple. Laughing at someone isn’t an opinion its just being rude. If you can’t share your opinion nicely maybe don’t comment?
  13. Wow why so nasty and laugh at another person? I never said it was large I just said it was big for me. Maybe try see things from someone else’s point of view and instead of laughing and dismissing others views you could actually be nice and respectful. This forum would be a bit friendlier without the bullies.
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