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  1. I'm nearly 4 weeks and I've only just stopped wearing it at night. Otherwise it was 24/7……the woman in the post-op bra shop said wearing it would lead to a better end result. Not sure if that's just a sales pitch but after what I've spent and been through I'm not taking any chances! xx
  2. Believe me - I was NEVER going to have any plastic surgery. I hate hospitals, hate the sight of blood, hate the thought of anyone cutting into my perfectly fine body. But I'm also keenly aware that life's short, that my boobs let down the show, that it's my body and my decision what I do with it, that boob jobs have come a long way since the disasters of the 80s and 90s, that my PS comes highly recommended (including people in the medical profession) and that his results on others look good. Three weeks post and I'm really enjoying having boobs at last. I like trying clothes on, I'm sleeping on my side like I usually do, I'm back at work and no-one's noticed because I just look same as I did with padded bras, my hubby (who wasn't keen on the idea at all) admits they're looking quite nice and they're just starting to feel nice too (there's something extremely satisfying about being able to fill each palm with a boob). Absolutely no regrets. xx
  3. @BunnyHop - Looking fabulous already!! Will be great to see how we all change in the next few months. @boobiebuf - at 6 days PO my chest felt incredibly tight too, but now at 17 days PO it feels fine. Gets better every day, both in how they feel and how they look. Patience isn't my strong suite but I'm practising it with this BA journey!
  4. @BunnyHop - yes, I think it's purer. Just doing it because read online of good results with scars. Take care not to contaminate the oil (or cream) when using it - i.e: very clean hands/nails. And only do this once PS says it's OK. xx
  5. @emmalouise - now have very small strips on them but PS said they don't need to stay on for much longer and that keeping incisions moist (Vit E, bio-oil etc) was now the way to help with their healing. I don't think they look that exciting yet but - as I said - going on what others looked like at this point, I remain hopeful! They certainly look nice under clothes and when I'm dressed I'm glad I went with this size. It's just when I'm naked that I sense vulnerability to boob greed! Seems to hit a lot of us at this point in the recovery process. @Suziet - best advice is to listen to your body. If implants feel like they're going to pop out then that's not an activity to be doing at this point. I'm still taking it very easy - no heavy lifting, no overexertion of pec muscles at all. @BunnyHop - welcome to the newboobs side! xxx
  6. Hi Girls, Day 16 post op and, as promised, I've posted pics so feel free to take a look. 330cc (moderate height, moderate+ profile), dual plane, teardrop, BWD - 12cm, weight 60kg, height 168cm, dress size 10 (tip to newbies: always try to compare apples with apples when trying to predict results, hence these stats!) Had two week post op check today - of-course my PA thinks they look marvellous. He assured me they will come together a bit more and drop further. Incisions looking good …. tonight I begin rubbing Vit E (from capsules) on them. Will continue to use Bio-oil. Looking at my photo diary, they actually look like they're shrinking but I'm not concerned at this point. Having seen others progress, how they look at two weeks is very different to how they look at the 3/6/12 month marks. This said, while I want a subtle result I'm hoping it doesn't end up too subtle!! Pain wise, I'm still having a very good run. Just mornings can be a little uncomfortable…..right nipple is ridiculously sensitive. @BunnyHop - hope it's gone well for you today. Our last one for August!!! xx
  7. So good to read everyone's progress. @Natty11 - Good to hear you've joined us on other side and looking good! I had 330cc anatomical too. @BAExcitement75 - your lucky hubby!! - hope he opened that one in private….and bet he had trouble concentrating on work afterwards!! @EmilyM - welcome to the other side too…..and yes, lots of change still ahead for your new assets. @MissE - yes, I'd be happy with that progress at the two week mark too!! Gorgeous natural result. xx
  8. @Suziet - I'm in Adelaide and I bought this post op bra/corset from Body Shape at 90 Glen Osmond Rd in Parkside. The women there are very helpful. According to the receipt it's called 'Amoena Patricia bra". Has both hooks and a zip for the front + wide velcro straps, so very easy to put on and to adjust. Not cheap - $74.95. When I get around to posting photos I'll try to remember to include one of me in this. xx
  9. @Matreshka - re-bras, I bought a new one yesterday from a shop that specialises in post-op bras and it feels like a very tight corset. Tried to sleep in it last night but had to switch to the hospital-issue one, so will wear this new one just during the day. The woman in the shop told me these bras are to push the implants into position. My PS told me that by around three month mark the fibrous capsule will have matured around the implants, anchoring them. I have anatomicals, so what I need to happen is for the implants to come to rest in the pockets the PS created. What I don't want to happen is for them to malrotate. So even though this new bra is tight, I'm wearing it religiously in the hope these implants come to rest where they should!! Sorry for long reply, but hope this info helps you and others. It's Day 11 and I'm REALLY happy with how they're looking so far. Size-wise, just what I want. Shape - still coming along but looks promising. Still a bit high and hard, but they are definitely dropping. Sorry I haven't got around to setting up gallery for those interested in following my progress, but I will do soon….probably Monday, after I've seen my PS for checkup. xx
  10. @TeaLady - I'm doing fine thanks. Yes, one week today. My main symptom has been feeling really tired. I slept for hours yesterday afternoon and then went to bed early and slept soundly til morning. Perhaps a delayed reaction to GA. No major pain at all, bit of itchiness but not unbearable. Left nipple was stinging a couple of days ago when I moved but that's eased up now. Tightness continues, as expected. They're still sitting high and hard and too early to tell final shape but I like the size so far. The size, too, is likely to change….still hopeful of ending up either a C or small D. Haven't taken any pics today but will take some in next day or so and post them. May even get around to setting up gallery. @BAExcitement75 - as others are saying, it's still very early days with the incisions healing. I plan to use Vit-E capsules on mine once the tape's off….result of research with Dr Google. Crack open the capsules and empty the oil on the incisions, once they're no longer red of-course. Haven't heard of Skincerity but may try that too. @Wowbcscott- according to my list you're next up. Only two more sleeps!! Sending positive vibes for a speedy recovery and excellent results. xx
  11. Good that you went out for a walk Matreshka. Keep blood pumping without straining anything, Yes, it's a pain not being able to do the things that need doing around the house. I tried vacuuming today and had to give up….just not worth it. It's day 5 post op for me. Stopped pain killers on day 3 - constipation they caused was the worst!! Need to get on with some study but motivation is low. Not that I'm feeling low, but I just want to indulge in this rare "me-time", read mags, go for walks, look at more pics of boobs (lol)….yes, I need to get a life!! Anyway, don't worry Matreshka because you're not alone. All us August girls are in varying states of being temporarily disabled. But just remember….come summer we'll all be well and truly recovered and showing off our new bods!! xx
  12. Hi Rebeccalee, We have the same stats - same height and weight, size 10 dress, BWD is 12cm. Started with very small 10B. Only had BA 5 days ago. Went with 330cc, dual plane, anatomical, moderate profile and height. Wanting natural look…didn't want big upper pole roundness. Will be happy with C or small D cup. Too early to tell what final result will be but I'll show you pics if you send me a message. cheers, NBM
  13. Morning girls, I stopped taking pain relief day 3 - constipation was worse than the discomfort. Apart from stinging left nipple sometimes when I move, and of-course the tightness, I'm doing OK. Had to back my car out of carport and that little manoeuvre convinced me I'm definitely not up for driving yet. So here's some pics - first one is day of surgery and second one I took just now, Day 5 post op... and I couldn't help trying on bathers I bought specially for my new post BA body!! Boobs are shiny because I'm using bio-oil - not near the incisions, just on the boobs. I had a bit of asymmetry pre-op but it was so slight that we decided to use same size implants. Actually, post-op (at this stage) the asymmetry is less obvious than it was pre-op. Still a long way to go of-course - they're sitting high and hard - but I'm feeling reasonably confident I'll achieve the natural size and shape I want. Stats: 330cc, dual plane, Mentor anatomical, moderate profile and height. Started out a VERY small10b. Height is 168cm, weight around 60kg, size 10 dress. BWD 12cm. What I can't wait to see is how everyone's boobs change over the coming months….think I'm not alone in that!!! xx
  14. No major itchiness….but I think if it's happening around incisions it's a good sign of healing. Left nipple has decided to be a bit stingy today, but only if I stretch too far. Otherwise feeling very well on this 4th day post op, off pain relief and contemplating taking first proper shower. Have been out for daily walks and doing very light housework now….nothing that involves heavy lifting or moving my arms sideways or skywards. In other words, I'm not doing that much housework!!! I know some people say they've been able to drive after five days but I don't think I'll be among them….hoping to be able to by early next week. To those in surgery tomorrow, it really is all over before you know it. You've done the research, you've chosen your PSs carefully…..my advice at this stage is to just abandon yourself to the process and trust their expertise. I thought of myself as being on a conveyor belt and my only job from the time I checked in was to follow some basic instructions and to breathe deeply. Easy!! Focussing on steady, slow, deep breathing is excellent for relaxing. xx
  15. Only told two close friends and my hubby - all supportive. Both my parents have died, but if they were alive I doubt I'd have told them. Love them dearly, but they would never have understood and it would have worried them too much. Didn't go too big + always wear (or should say "wore" ) padded bras, so no-one's going to know. And it's no-one's business. I'm not hanging myself out to be judged by anyone, not my siblings, not friends, not school mums…no-one. I wouldn't tell them I'd had an op for, say, a hernia so why should I tell them I've had a boob job??? Didn't tell my three kids either - would have spread like wildfire through the school. They just know that Mum had surgery on her chest and is now recovering. Do not mention the word "boobs" or even "breasts" is my advice when it comes to what to tell kids!! My eldest (15) will work it our eventually….like when I wear bathers come summer…..but it'll be ancient history by then. Until then there's no nudie runs through this household for moi. Maintaining my privacy is just one of the many benefits of doing this in the winter months and having the recovery done and dusted well in time for summer!!! xx
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