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  1. Hi, after having an amazing experience in Bangkok with my BA i am also looking at getting veneers. Ive had a few recommendations through ppl that know ppl but thought I'd turn to this site for help [again haha!]. Soo BUMP haha
  2. I've sent a f/r also Happy 6 month boobies day!! X
  3. I think hubby will be on a fishing trip, so possibly!!
  4. Great idea Hun btw your looking fantastic! Just turned 27, 163cm, 48kg, pre op don't even think I was an A, post op measured 8/10D Dr Wichian, Yanhee international hospital in Bangkok I have pre op pics, nxt day, 3 days, 9 days, 24 days & pics of my underarm incisions
  5. I took a big u shaped pillow but didn't use it because it was uncomfortable.. I slept a lot better on my back than I thought I would esp for being a tummy sleeper! We took over an empty luggage bag because we knew we would go nuts on the shopping and then I just gave it to our taxi driver because I was going to leave it at the hotel but the hotel packed it in our taxi lol and the driver loved it haha. I took antiseptic wipes for under my arms but I left my bandages on over my incisions until the post op check up.. Apart from that just pawpaw for my lips and nipples and bio oil for my massages.. I had a few sports bras with me in diff sizes and my surgical bra I bought in aus.. But that's it really.. I got my hair washed and blow waved in the shopping centre for 500baht ($15) the whole time I was there coz I couldn't lift my arms.. I think that's it everything else was just normal. Good luck xo
  6. I'm at 4 weeks and still have pain esp in the morning it's quite tender but they're still numb, and today it feels like they are more numb than usual like on the side of my boob.. I'm dying not going gym
  7. The water bras from bras and things are amazing! And the padded "miracle" bikini top from Victoria secret was my number one go to its fantastic!! Any of the playboy bras (lived in these) where you put the bunny inserts in are also great. I had a shoe box full of fillets, cream inserts and padding hahaha threw it out the day I got back from my holiday!!! it will come quicker than you know it girls and you will be loving your new boobies
  8. Have you thought of maybe a personal loan or a cosmetic loan.. I hate them but credit card?? I don't understand GPS, I went through them too and I work in insurance so went over it with a fine tooth comb, aren't they supposed to cover you up to 6 months after should anything go wrong? It's an American company but surely they have some sort of insurance ombudsman like we have in Australia. I would request to go through their internal dispute process before approaching the ombudsman (if they have one). Did they at least cover the cost for taking them out? Or is that what they're saying is optional - to have it redone? Have you saved any of the 12k? You still have a few months don't forget you would be paying the BA on your way home so that's 5 months saving.. And if your staying in Bangkok the place I stayed at was legacy suites was like $80 or something a night and it was really nice.. I really feel for you Hun I'm so self conscious I know what you mean and how sad it would be making you feel. I don't know if this would help but I lived in these water bras from BNT. Have you seen them? It's by no means an answer but wearing something like that might cheer you up a little. Just think its in July and we are practically in feb - the time will fly so quick xxx
  9. There is a company that specialise in cosmetic loans, was looking into it back when I was 18 (haha finally got the guts 9 yrs too late ) I think they are called mac credit? Not sure maybe google them if you can't see up yourself saving. Personally I would not be touching my super for that but good luck!
  10. Hi love on my 7 day post op I asked my surgeon he said 14days post op.. But I think we got to Koh samui on day 11 and I was drinking cocktails.. I was only given antibiotics, anti inflammatory and pandadol for my recovery and I finished them by day 9 I think so just make sure you've finished your meds.. A glass can't hurt my friends were still drinking leading up to their surgery and straight after (crazy girls I'm too paranoid and not a huge drinker). They were fine though so was I xo I think the alcohol may thin the blood and there is a higher chance of a clot?? Could be wrong
  11. I was 14 days I think post op and parking/reversing used the muscles under my arms and under my boobs.. and it hurt not like a lot but felt like something heavy on my chest?? I'm just over 3 weeks now and fine I also found the seatbelt going across me hurt so I held it a little bit away from my chest xo
  12. EXCITING UPDATE! Slowly starting to be able to sleep half on my side AND my right nipple sensitivity is back to normal and doesn't look like an ice cube is stuck to it!!! YAYYYY!!!
  13. Have to agree with the girls.. BUT at the end of the day is it worth going through all the drama that it will cause you two? I've been a bride and I was never like that but I've heard of brides demanding bridesmaid to dye their hair etc its CRAZY!!! In regards to sizing, getting the 8 will be ok if you are a 6. At Forever New I'm a 6, but none of my dresses fit so I've had to put them all on eBay! Now I'm an 8 because of my bust haha love saying that "my bust" lol
  14. Lol this was me all over in the night markets in Bangkok!! I would literally walk around making a cross over arms symbol lol!! My incisions are under my arm but my surgeon said 6 months.. Hmm
  15. Hope your recovering well judgemenot!!! Haha with the toilet and the foot I was lucky enough to have that in our hotel too lol!! Thanks hun I've read a lot and spoken to my friends its really put my mind at ease.. i have no problem going to a ps over here but i wouldn't admit that it was an overseas job only because some surgeons attitudes stink!! Good luck gorgeous xo
  16. Don't be silly ask as many as you want!! Sorry I hardly get a chance to come on here so I've probably missed heaps of things!! Just pm me I can't remember what my surgeon said but it was something like "i will go over the muscle but under the breast tissue"?! No clue but I'm sure mine are overs lol
  17. Haha YES YES YES!!! Bring on the next 5 months!! Also with brazillians you don't massage them like normal round silicon etc xo
  18. My iPad loads them?? And my Samsung did when. Clicked "view full site" (same as an Internet explorer on a pc view)... Hmm the whole site has changed but so maybe they changed it I uploaded some bout 2 nights ago..
  19. Oh Hun you sound exactly like me!! I hope your recovering well!! Haha I cried in my blood test too but they were so gentle it didn't actually hurt as much as I thought and I had my eyes shut hubby said they took heaps for some reason?? And then the IV in my hand boo the stupid taste in my mouth before I was put to sleep makes me nauseous if I smell someone remotely similar.. But so glad everything went smoothly and your bf is being an angel to you xoxoxooxox
  20. The crop tops I got were a size 10 & a 12 (have only worn the 10) I'm usually an 8. The other girls have said ahh bras are really good just get two tops with 2 diff sizes up from what you normally are xo
  21. I got the medium and found it was perfect. Don't forget your swollen the first week so once the swelling went down and went away it fit like a glove. But I think the pressure the first week was good and extra supportive. It wasn't too tight and I wasn't popping out but I did think at first holy crap I should have got a large haha but after a few days all good I didn't have any idea though what size I was going I literally walked in and said I want what you think is in proportion and I want to look natural as possible. So I guess if you are expecting to go a little bigger etc the large would be better.. Although you said our before pics are similar and I think even if I got the 300 the medium would have still fit.. I hope that makes sense darl!!!
  22. Exactly where mine are numb from nipple to under the boob crease!
  23. Oh I got a stabiliser band also from statina that I've been using at night to move my boobs closer together I didn't have enough breast tissue to have them together and get cleavage
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