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    Went from 10C cup to 10DD

    Surgery: 15th Jan 2013 (435HP, Under the Muscle, Fury Brazilians, Round)

    Dr Kim Harwood - Rejuvenation Clinic
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    Dr Kim Harwood, 15th Jan 2013
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    167 cms, 52kgs, 8/10E cup.

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  1. Hi, I'm having my implants removed in December and am concerned that my stretch marks will get much worse. I would love to try and fix them or at least start applying some sort of treatment to prepare them. Also -Can anyone recommend best scar repair treatment????
  2. Hi, I had my consultation with Dr Gary Liew & Partner Jayne Bambit. Really lovely team and I feel safe in their hands .However I can't seem to find any reviews or find much of his work online? Has anyone had experience with either surgeon? Thanks
  3. Attached you can see my before and after shot. I have had my implants for 3 years and I really want them out Can anybody recommend a good surgeon from the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area? Dr Harwood was fantastic but he has since retired. Also anyone who offers free consultations would be a total bonus Feel free to share your implant removal story/pics/ etc very interested to hear/see your story! Thanks x
  4. THANK YOU! This was an amazing response. I am so happy that you are happy! That encourages me to go ahead with this procedure. Did you have much time off after surgery
  5. Hi All, Sorry to repost but I wanted to get some fresh answers as the last time i posted this was 2015. I am looking to having my breast implants removed this year - I have found some good prices around the $2000 mark. Facts; - Originally 10C - Now 10DD - 435cc Round - Under muscle - Surgery 3 yrs ago - Heavy on the chest - Getting in the way of sporting activities such as surfing - Can't wear a bikini without feeling too exposed - Overall the implants look great and if I wanted larger breasts they would be perfect. QUES
  6. Has anyone in QLD had this done? Where is cheap and good!?
  7. Perhaps I want some fresh advice? I didn't realise I couldn't do that! Thanks to the people who have posted a genuinely positive response.
  8. Just to clarify I wasnt saying that everyone with bigger breasts are skanky. I was just saying that personally with my body type I feel that my boobs appear extremely artificial and I dont like the feeling of being 'fake' I will look further into breast implant removal and the aftermath of the procedure re sagging etc. Thanks ladies appreciate your comments xx x
  9. I am 167cms weighing 52kg and I went 435cc... I feel like my boobs are too big and interrupt with sports like surfing etc. I also feel like it adds a bigger mass appearance to your overall look. I feel like I look top heavy now as I am 10DD. I regret having boob greed and wish I had went smaller, more natural looking size.
  10. During my period having a shower really hurt my nipples ! Just the water alone hurt like hell on them, thats about all though!
  11. I had my breast augmentation 2 yrs ago almost or more, I joined this site and gained some info on the entire process and followed other girls. I started off as a 10C and had 435CC implants put in ... I am now a 10DD... I HATE how big my boobs are. I definitely put this down to 'boob greed'. Any cute lace bra that I wear doesnt look petite and pretty, to me (personally) I feel that I look skanky. (not trying to offend anyone on here). I feel top heavy, i am average height 167cm smallish build but I feel like my new assets have definitely added a seemingly larger appearance. has anyone experien
  12. Thank you JJMelb. Do you know how much she paid for her replacement? xx
  13. No worries guys. Have wanted them my whole life, I researched for about 18 months. I actually would get my boobs done if I could go back in time, I would have just went smaller. I guess my taste has changed, I loved big round boobs and big chests, but now I am more drawn to natural beauty. I am constantly changing my mind. I guess I just dont feel comfortable with my huge boobs in bikinis, I feel like the odd one out around all of these natural girls. I had to choose between 380 and 435 round high profile. Dr recommended 380, but there was hardly any real difference,
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