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  1. Hey ladies and happy new year. I haven't been on for a while but feel the same as some of you ladies in regard to goi g to high profile. I too got moderate plus and sometimes feel a little flat, in a bra and bikini they look amazing but when their off I just ain't 100% happy. I keep reminding myself that they are 1000 times better than they were but I guess with anything there's always something. I also wish the lift was a little higher it's not bad and apparently if they drop more it may look different but I think there down and in their resting position. We have been thinking about having another kid (crazy, I know) but saw it as another chance to get a mini lift to get my satisfied results haha. My surgeon said that high profile wouldn't of suited my anatomy but I dunno. I'm currently wearing 10e bras a bit bigger than my intended d I was hoping for.
  2. @Kenzo I would def talk to your surgeon about your concerns. I got overs and over the last week they got bigger, I'm in the position now that I think they're getting to big. I look at them and love them but then when I see them busting out of braand having to buy bigger im worried they're going to be too big.
  3. @Chinchilla I hope you can get some good news when you see Dr M this week. With sports bra every brand is different. I wa she really in small but wearing them now I find my boobs trying to bust out the top haha. I did my first boxing class yesterday after months off, and did another one today. I'm 5 weeks now but I'm feeling so good that I felt ready. I had no pain or discomfort during or afterwards so I'm hoping my body has healed that I'm good for training. I tried to do a push up but I couldn't quite get my arms to lock out so had to do them on my knees but I'll get there slowly. I'm not willing to push myself yet. Hows everyone else going with the healing process?
  4. Everyone is looking so good. @Ranalicious I hear ya on the sizing. I wanted to be a full C or small D and I'm busting out of D bras and just holding on to DD. they look so good and don't seem that big but the bra sizing is massive to what I was wanting, I'm hoping they are going to stop. I had been thinking that because I had a lift and got overs that maybe I was at my final size then out of no where they just grew, my hubby left for work on Thursday and they were not this big haha. I'm sure he won't be complaining. My recovery has been going really well, I actually forget that Iv had them done a lot now, they just feel apart of me, until I do something that quickly reminds me. I'm just under 5 weeks po. Iv been side sleeping from 3 weeks with no issues, and am slowly doing some weights with lower than my usual weight. I feel ready for more but am trying not to push it too much. I'm just not doing any bench press or overhead heavy stuff till later. I hope everyone is enjoying their new assets and having a great recovery.
  5. Everyone is looking so good. I'm just last the three week mark now and absolutely love them. Iv got all tape off now and am using a scar cream that my surgeon gave me. I have this slight red mark along a part of the incisions where Iv slightly reacted to the tape, hopefully it goes soon . My right one irritates me at times at the bottom in the middle of the crease line incision I found it so annoying. Old lefty is loving life and feels like it's apart of me but righty quickly changes that. I'm right handed but my left got more work done and I'm dominant on this side and actually stronger with my left than right so not sure what that's about. There still a little tender if they get bumped, happens abit at work. when did you all start sleeping on your backs? I have been for over a week and it's great. My surgeon didn't say anything about when to stop elevating and I woke up flat one day and felt OK so did it from then on. With bras my surgeon said I could wear any non underwired bra as long as t was supportive from two weeks but no wire until 12 weeks. Funny how they all have there own suggestions. My scars are looking amazing and fading fast, I'm so happy with how fast it is happening and I'm loving how my boobs make me feel better about myself.
  6. I got 300 and 330 moderate plus, I only had a bwd of 10
  7. Here's a picture of me 16 days Po spending my last day on holiday at the pool, we fly home tonight the. Back to work on Tuesday ? Am not looking forward to that.
  8. Haha I got a black one from cotton on. It took me ages to find something. I don't know where Singaporeans buy their underwear cause I certainly found it quite the challenge. It really is comfortable though and the straps are thin too so hard to tell until you see those little clips In The front for easy access ?
  9. @Kenzo mine got a little softer yesterday but are still quite tight on the sides and underneath. I don't think they've really dropped much maybe just a little bit. I've been pretty active since the surgery and have been carrying things and moving more than I possibly should be. Although my breast crease was high too so that may also be a factor for me.
  10. @Yollie like the other girls have expressed don't worry about the opinions of one person. Just because she doesn't have the balls to go through something like this doesn't mean she has to be negative about it. Good for you for doing something for yourself and keep your head up high. Even if she does open her mouth to everyone she would probably find that most people either don't care or think it's great it's only a minority who frown upon it these days. I pretty much told everyone and most were supportive and jealous they weren't doing the same, I had a couple comments of why etc but I didn't give a *****, my body, my choice, simple. Go flaunt your amazing self and your confidence and throw it in those haters faces. A little update on myself, the last couple of days my post op bra was driving me insane so I decided to venture out and look for new ones, easily said than done. So I'm still in Singapore and everything is either tiny or has wiring so today I found something that would work and have gone back in time and bought a maternity bra ??? surely to the horror of my husband who may think I have ulterior motives of more kids lol. As much as I didn't want too at least it will be supportive and work till i get back to Perth.
  11. @Honeycakes they really do give you that extra boost especially as I'm now carrying a it of holiday weight and bloat haha. I've had 2 full dressing changes since surgery and have one more tomorrow before I fly out to Singapore for 5 nights. I have to say the first time they removed them I was terrified they would pull off the tape and half a nipple or something lol at the second change they took my stitches and I was nervous that I may just split open haha let's see what tomorrow's dressing change brings! Tonight I had some heinous shooting pains on the under side of my left boob it freaking killed. Has anyone else had this? I wondered if it was nerves reconnecting or something.
  12. Here's a pic 10 days post op. I am loving them. I've had a easy recovery so far and they both seem to look roughly the same all the time. I was expecting the slow drop of one then the other but they just seem on par but who knows what tomorrow may bring haha looking great ladies, how good does it feel finally having boobs ?
  13. I've just had a ba/bl in Phuket with Dr Veerawat, he was great my results are amazing and I couldn't recommend him enough. I didn't use cosmeditour but booked directly with the surgeon. I did look at Dr Boonchai and got a quote from him directly through his website he is meant to be great also and the quote was a bit cheaper as he performs his surgeries in Bangkok now. Ultimately I didn't want to have surgery in Bangkok as I thought the recovery would be nicer in Phuket and Dr V was my first choice but Dr Boonhai was a close second.
  14. Did you get your stitches out?? Mine are coming out today. I hope mine aren't going to drop in size I'm loving the size they are. Hopefully she is just wrong. I don't have any swelling so surely they won't go smaller.
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