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  1. Furry Brazillans and Dr Rastoogi

    Oh wow!! That doesn't sound so great I have had a look at Michael but I like the idea re Brazilians that they have less chance of complications and last longer ahh such a hard decision who else does very natural ? Wish I was just naturally blessed haha A lot that I have read indicates that potentially someone who is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon would be the best but that a cosmetic surgeon can be really good for breast implants I'm just worried about complications / the feel of them / look of them I'm so torn but I just want to make sure I make right decision so many people have mixed reviews between dr Rastoogi. Does Michael and tavakoli do Brazilians ?!
  2. Hey!!! How are the results now? Was she expensive ? I was thinking the fat transfer would be a great natural altentative to implants
  3. Hi Everyone I've met with Dr Rastoogi but would love some real life stories. I'm really nervous as want a look so natural you can't tell its implants His work looks amazing but I want some first hand feedback i am also thinking of fat transfer / grafting but I'm worried too much downtime Has anyone done either?? i would love to see some photos if possible are they soft? Please help xxx