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  1. If you can share - what are u currently using on your sensitive skin? I have sensitive skin and can't use anything at all with a perfume in it and others are random. Also can't use anything that increases sensitivity to sun (i burn even in winter). I find something I can use, and use it for years, then they change the ingredients and I break out in a rash, anything from light redness to blister like welts that takes weeks to heal (thankfully they are rare but usually from products marked for sensitive skin). Im currently using mostly Mary Kay as they seem to have more products I can use, but always on the lookout for a better alternative
  2. I always read the reviews people leave about indiv pieces of clothing. There's usually a runs small/large section on their comment. Then use the shops size guide to transfer to Oz sizing, then use peoples comments to decide whether to order next size up/down. Enjoy shopping for your new ladies
  3. Dr Tony Connell also has a great reputation here in Perth, but i think he more leans towards the "natural look"
  4. I read somewhere last year that a bunch of girls were putting together a group lawsuit against TCI. Makes me wonder what the % of happy clients are Vs the % of bodged or unhappy clients. Even if it's only 10% unhappy - then u still have a one in ten chance that u will be in that group. We are so blessed to be in a country with awesome education and universities and many quality plastic surgeons to choose from. Why would u scrape the bottom of the barrell and risk being in the bodged %, sounds crazy to me!
  5. I'd think it would also depend on what procedures you are having done and where your incisions would be? Like getting a lift, under or over muscle, and where you will have stitches etc. Maybe also whether you've had surgery before or know how well you can handlle pain.
  6. I got my monthlys early on the morning I had surgery (not a ba so can't advise about it with recovery). I took tampons but wasn't allowed to use one during surgery. Just before surgery I swapped to the big giant thick surfboard hospital pad they gave me. Looked and felt like it was from the 60's! So I recommend taking extra of your own so u dont have to use theirs and change it right before surgery so it gets u thro. Maybe also use the extra absorbant ones too. All the best.
  7. Thanks, so good to know not everyone on here is a 8. I'm on the weightless journey now (lost 20kgs, 15 more to go), and hope to get mine done towards the end of this year or early next year at 85kgs. I'm 177cm tall and asymmetric and slight tubular. I lost the weight many years ago and was at a stable 87khs for a few years when I looked at getting them done. The GP encouraged me to try and lose another 7kgs, but in doing so I fell off the bandwagon and put all the weight back on. So this time I have learnt my lesson and will be ecstatic if I end up being around 85kgs with nice boobies. I love reading everyone's journeys on here - it keeps me motivated and focused on my end goal.
  8. Mum24, if you don't mind me asking, who was your surgeon and what did you get? They look awesome and the incisions look perfect! Hope your hyper sensitivity goes away soon.
  9. Even though you're not in pain, maybe just take a recommended dose of pain killers at night to help you sleep sitting up. The body needs sleep to help heal and relax. Maybe send your surgeon an email and ask for their advice.
  10. All the best for your surgery today. How exciting!
  11. I asked my GP about cancer risks with impants. He said the same that the older implants had the higher risks but not the new ones. He also told me that drinking more than the standard recommended amount of alcohol increases your risk of cancer more than having implants. That explained it well to me and put it in perspective.
  12. Are you able to get a part time nanny, or maybe put your bub in daycare or family daycare? It might not be your ideal solution, bit it would dramatically decrease the amount of manual labour you do each day, Maybe think about weaning your 2 year old out of a cot and into a bed before your surgery? It may not affect your final results, but there's a difference between a little pain and a lot of pain, and you won't know how your surgery and healing is going to go for certain until you are there. I don't know, if you do too much too early can it possibly make the healing process take longer?? Just a thought, anything to make the healing process go easier on yourself
  13. I had a peek at your profile - they look amazing!
  14. The only way I can save is I opened a special savings bank account where the interest goes up if you make deposits but no withdrawals and if you do withdraw the interest starts over again. I also didn't get an ATM card or internet banking set up for this account so the only way i can get money out is to go into the bank and sign (less likely to use the money for spontaneous buying then). Then i worked out how much i could reasonably save out of each pay, then as soon as my pay went in to my 'spending' account, i would transfer that amount to my 'savings' account and also tried to think of it as if i'd paid a bill and that money is gone. And any money left over, or tax returns etc also goes into it. A friend of mine is doing it a different way. She pays more tax each week than she has to (she doesn't claim the tax free threshold) then at tax time she gets all the extra tax paid back to her in her tax return. That way she never actually gets the money to be able to spend it. Or you could always just get a personal loan from the bank to cover the full price, or do 50/50 with savings and a loan.
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